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Production performance

Oil and gas condensate 1,96 million tons
Gas 0,43 billion cubic meters
  • 1957
  • 432
Oil (million tons) Gas (million cubic meters)
Oil 4,93 million tons (land)
0,46 million tons (sea)
Gas 9,75 billion cubic meters
  • 4927
  • 455
  • 9747
Oil transportation (thousand tons (land)) Oil transportation (thousand tons(sea)) Gas transportation (thousand tons)
Refining (consolidate) 1 146 thousand tons
AR 283 thousand tons
PKOP 162 thousand tons
KazMunayGas International N.V. 381 thousand tons
PPCP 320 thousand tons
  • 283
  • 162
  • 381
  • 320
AR (thousand tons) PKOP (thousand tons) KazMunayGas International N.V. (thousand tons) PPCP (thousand tons)
ai80 89 tg.  
ai93 118 tg.  
ai95 138 tg.  
ai98 146 tg.  
dt 99 tg.  
(January of 2016)
Approved by
the Resolution of
the Management Board of
NC KazMunayGas JSC
as of April, 30, 2007
Protocol # 61

Corporate Ethics Code

1. General provisions

Corporate Ethics Code of NC KazMunayGas JSC sets ethical standards for the Company’s activity and employees to ensure confidence in honesty, openness and professionalism of the Company’s employees.
The Code sets ethical norms inside the Company. The Company’s activity in accordance with Code is focused on providing benefit to the society, the Company and each employee in particular.
The ethic norms of the Code are accepted by employees in a voluntary way.

2. The Code aims

at supporting and strengthening of NC KazMunayGas JSC reputation and observing the integrated management system requirements.

3. The key values of NC KazMunayGas JSC are

  • respect for human rights;
  • professionalism of the employees;
  • credibility and high moral standards of the Company’s employees;
  • responsible and rational exploitation of subsoil blocks given to the Company in accordance with RK law of subsoil management;
  • assets of the Company;
  • social responsibility of the Company;
  • competitiveness development of each work type;
  • sustainable development of the Company;
  • positioning of the company as an organization oriented at development, introduction and application of advanced technologies;
  • historical continuity and high corporate solidarity.

4. NC KazMunayGas JSC observes the following ethic principles:

  • respect and observation of laws of RK and other countries when realizing projects and developing activity;
  • respect for human rights;
  • honest, fair and responsible business dealing;
  • creation of mutual benefit in mutual relations with business partners;
  • credibility building and encouraging confidence in the Company as a reliable and stable partner;
  • respect for the society and the environment.

5. Ethical norms of dealing with society

  • as a top priority , observing ecological and safety requirements for population;
  • active social policy and realization of family programs reaching out to the employees and their families ;
  • rendering support to public associations , cultural and educational organizations;
  • paying attention to the Great Patriotic war, labor veterans, honorary workers of the Company, labor invalids and the families of victims of occupational accidents.

6. Ethic norms in public relations

  • providing only reliable information to mass-media;
  • referring to the source of information in publications;

7. Ethic norms in conflict of interests

  • avoiding any conflict of interests including cases where close relatives are involved;
  • in case of a conflict of interests, informing the executive management about the situation, choosing upon the measures to prevent or settle it, including refusal from functional authority or delegating responsibility to another person;

Ethic norms in the Company image

assistance and active participation in promoting the positive image of the Company.

9. Ethic norms in interrelationship of the Company’s staff.

  • providing precise and credible information;
  • developing individual responsibility and honesty;
  • openness and tact;
  • impartial attitude;
  • insistence on high business standards;
  • providing guidance to young specialist and new employees;
  • conflicts prevention and their prompt settlement.
(b) between managers and subordinates -
  • professional development and encouragement of initiative of subordinate personnel, support in realizing innovations;
  • fair moral and material compensation;
  • politeness and tact;
  • respectful attitude to constructive criticism, opinion of colleagues and subordinates;
  • building rapport and team spirit with subordinates;
  • recognition of individual personality and personal immunity of subordinates;
  • non-admission of disparaging attitude towards an employee of the Company;
  • dealing personnel management issues only on the bass of objective requirements and transparent principles;
  • using authority only in terms of functional responsibilities.
(c) between the Company’s employees and other organizations (private persons)
  • respect for legal rights of other organizations and private persons;
  • commitment to high moral standards of interaction with the purpose of sustaining and increasing public confidence in the Company’s activity;
  • settlement of disputes only on the legal basis;
  • pro-active attitude towards professional dishonesty.

10. Ethic norms in dealing with information related to the Company’s activity

  • confidentiality of any information except public; non-disclosure of information even to other employees who don’t need it for professional purposes;
  • communication of information to other organizational units is to be authorised by the executive management;
  • abiding in the written liability of commercial information non-disclosure;
  • communication of any information to mass media is to be authorised by the executive management or supervising divisions in charge of public relations;
  • taking appropriate measures to ensure security and non-disclosure of information which came to the knowledge of an employee in the course of his functional duties;
  • lack of desire to gain access to the information which cannot be used in the course of fulfilling functional responsibilities.

11. Ethic norms in using resources

economical management and use of the property , funds, equipment, means of communication, software and other resources is allowed only for business purposes.

12. Ethic norms in regard to presents and services.

It is allowed to receive presents and services which correspond to the norms of the accepted business practice and which don’t transgress law or ethic standards.

13. Ethic norms of the Company’s employees business activity outside the Company

The Company’s employees are allowed to do business in out-of-service time, if their activity doesn’t degrade the Company’s image or financial interests of the Company.
Employees can be engaged in politics in accordance with their political views and opinions only in the off service time, without using the Company’s resources.
The Company doesn’t restrict its employees freedom and regulate their private lives , each employee has the right for his own lifestyle unless it is in the way of effective work and degrades the Company’s image.

14. Ethic norms in regard to appearance and speech of the employees

  • neat appearance and business style of clothes and footwear;
  • sustaining a positive image of the Company;
  • competent oral and written speech, without vulgarisms and slang;
  • polite manner of speaking without voice raising;
  • avoiding unceremonious manners with colleagues, subordinates and management.

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