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Production performance

Oil and gas condensate 1,96 million tons
Gas 0,43 billion cubic meters
  • 1957
  • 432
Oil (million tons) Gas (million cubic meters)
Oil 4,93 million tons (land)
0,46 million tons (sea)
Gas 9,75 billion cubic meters
  • 4927
  • 455
  • 9747
Oil transportation (thousand tons (land)) Oil transportation (thousand tons(sea)) Gas transportation (thousand tons)
Refining (consolidate) 1 146 thousand tons
AR 283 thousand tons
PKOP 162 thousand tons
KazMunayGas International N.V. 381 thousand tons
PPCP 320 thousand tons
  • 283
  • 162
  • 381
  • 320
AR (thousand tons) PKOP (thousand tons) KazMunayGas International N.V. (thousand tons) PPCP (thousand tons)
ai80 89 tg.  
ai93 118 tg.  
ai95 138 tg.  
ai98 146 tg.  
dt 99 tg.  
(January of 2016)

JSC NC "KazMunayGas", as the national vertically integrated oil and gas company, plays the principal role in the implementation of the common state policy in the industry, by executing corporate governance of its subsidiary, dependent and jointly-controlled entities,

which carry out operations in exploration, production, transportation, storage, refining and marketing of oil, gas and their products, management of the support sector infrastructure and non-core assets.

KazMunayGas reaffirms its commitment to the identified area of development and achievement of the shareholders' objectives: to raise the long-term value of the Company's assets and facilitate modernization and diversification of the national economy.

Company's Mission. Maximizing the profits of the Republic of Kazakhstan from participation in the development of the national petroleum industry:

increasing the long-term value of the company, improved profitability and industrial safety;

becoming an integrated oil and gas company competitive on the international market;

socially-responsible conduct of business, support to domestic suppliers of goods, works and services, development of the local workforce.

Vision 2025. KazMunayGas - a high performance and competitive integrated oil and gas company ranking among the world's top thirty biggest oil-and-gas companies in terms of hydrocarbon liquids (oil and condensate) and oil output, meeting the highest standards of occupational safety.

These objectives will be achieved through enhancing the quality of the management decisions made in the sphere of corporate governance, acquisition and restructuring of assets, including the SDEs, fulfillment of social obligations stipulated by the statutory requirements, and those assumed voluntarily as well.

KazMunayGas reaffirms its commitment to the selected area of development and achievement of the shareholders' objectives.

KazMunayGas is striving to arrange governance so as to meet international corporate governance requirements and the leading-edge management technology through maintaining in the working order and developing the system for management in the sphere of quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety (the IMS) as per the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Holding itself out as a socially responsible entity, KazMunayGas is planning introduction of the SA 8000 and ISO 26000 social responsibility standards in 2016-2017.

Operation of the integrated management system following the world's best practices is achieved based on clear organization of the business processes, monitoring and controlling day-to-day operations of KazMunayGas using the criteria for process assessment, rigorous compliance with the requirements of the legislation and standards, distribution of staff responsibility and authority at all levels for effective process management.

The central principles of management are:

continued enhancement of the operations efficiency through analysis of business processes, continuous monitoring, introduction of process automation, wherever possible, and their gradual re-engineering. Continuous studying and use of the best practices in management technology and involvement of the subsidiary entities in the procedures of their application;

making management decisions based on the analysis of the objective data on the daily operations, making the decisions made and KMG's production operations meet both the interests of the shareholders and the Kazakhstan society as a whole, and the objectives of sustainable economic development of KazMunayGas.

striving to prevent the problems that emerge and their causes by way of improving the internal control and risk management system;

conducting targeted marketing studies for determining the current and future state of the market, requirements of the biggest consumers and assessment of their satisfaction.

introduction of the system of free flow of information and innovative ideas among the employees, encouraging and incentivizing the staff to improve quality, providing the opportunity to propose and develop new ideas, developing the employees' commitment to the quality principles;

imposing on the entities supplying goods, works and services of the requirements of meeting the quality standards applied in KazMunayGas, and within the framework of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

continuous development of expertise, competence and awareness of the employees of KazMunayGas of following the quality policy, incentivizing them to actively participate in the improvement of corporate governance and production operations;

information transparency of KazMunayGas to the governmental agencies, shareholders, partners, employees, community and other stakeholders in the matters of its operations.

The management of KazMunayGas states that this Policy is an expression of the quality values and principles of KazMunayGas.

The management and employees of KazMunayGas undertake to follow the provisions of this document in their activity and when making management decisions.

The management of KazMunayGas bears responsibility for the implementation of the Quality Policy and undertakes to create conditions required for the operation of the IMS, allocate for these purposes the relevant financial, technical, human and other resources, ensure their efficient use.

This Quality Policy of KMG is available to all whom it may concern.

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