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«Лучший по профессии - 2017»
Production performance

Oil and gas condensate 1,96 million tons
Gas 0,43 billion cubic meters
  • 1957
  • 432
Oil (million tons) Gas (million cubic meters)
Oil 4,93 million tons (land)
0,46 million tons (sea)
Gas 9,75 billion cubic meters
  • 4927
  • 455
  • 9747
Oil transportation (thousand tons (land)) Oil transportation (thousand tons(sea)) Gas transportation (thousand tons)
Refining (consolidate) 1 146 thousand tons
AR 283 thousand tons
PKOP 162 thousand tons
KazMunayGas International N.V. 381 thousand tons
PPCP 320 thousand tons
  • 283
  • 162
  • 381
  • 320
AR (thousand tons) PKOP (thousand tons) KazMunayGas International N.V. (thousand tons) PPCP (thousand tons)
ai80 89 tg.  
ai93 118 tg.  
ai95 138 tg.  
ai98 146 tg.  
dt 99 tg.  
(January of 2016)

Taking part in international initiatives of corporate social responsibility

The company joined to the Global Compact initiated by the United Nations.

The Global Compact represents a basis for cooperation of the UN with business at all levels based on recognized values. The Global Compact appeals to business circles to follow nine fundamental principles in observing human rights, standards of labor relations and environment protection.

The Company undertakes to stick to the following principles of the Global Compact.

Human rights:

  1. Render support and respect for human rights declared by international community
  2. Provide non- involvement in violation of human rights
Labor relations:
  1. Support freedom of association and recognize collective bargaining rights
  2. Promote eradication of all kinds of mandatory labor
  3. Promote complete eradication of children labor
  4. Promote eradication of discrimination in the sphere of labor.

Environment Protection:

  1. Contribute to prevention of adverse effects on the environment.
  2. Take initiatives aimed at raising the responsibility for the environment.
  3. Foster development and implementation of ecologically-friendly technologies.

Besides, the Company strives to show an example of high civil and social awareness, develop partnership with international organizations.

The Company adheres to the policy of openness and transparency of intentions, and actions, providing full access to the results of its activity through making them public in mass media.

Such policy makes it possible to eliminate hindrances and contribute to creditable attitude of the people towards the Company.

The Company’s activity is not only the result of response to some events happening in society, it is aimed at developing the society up to the world standards. The implemented measures consist in social investments with forecast and expected benefits.

Social investments imply strategic aim-oriented, long-term policy of the company. Social benefits suggest qualitative changes in economic and cultural life of society. Moreover, the Company strives to monitor and analyze social expenses, assess their efficiency and predict consequences of the changes implemented in this sphere through efficiency assessment system and adequacy of the funds allocated to the social activity of the Company.

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