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Oil and gas condensate 1,96 million tons
Gas 0,43 billion cubic meters
  • 1957
  • 432
Oil (million tons) Gas (million cubic meters)
Oil 4,93 million tons (land)
0,46 million tons (sea)
Gas 9,75 billion cubic meters
  • 4927
  • 455
  • 9747
Oil transportation (thousand tons (land)) Oil transportation (thousand tons(sea)) Gas transportation (thousand tons)
Refining (consolidate) 1 146 thousand tons
AR 283 thousand tons
PKOP 162 thousand tons
KazMunayGas International N.V. 381 thousand tons
PPCP 320 thousand tons
  • 283
  • 162
  • 381
  • 320
AR (thousand tons) PKOP (thousand tons) KazMunayGas International N.V. (thousand tons) PPCP (thousand tons)
ai80 89 tg.  
ai93 118 tg.  
ai95 138 tg.  
ai98 146 tg.  
dt 99 tg.  
(January of 2016)

We have helped to:

  • Public Fund «Creative pedagogics» is to realize the tele-project «Intellectual Olympic games» – an educational project deigned to find, support and develop intellectual potential of the talented Kazakhstan youth (schoolchildren, students, young intellectuals). It is important to note than KMG has been General Sponsor of the project since 2002.
  • Fund “SOS Children's Villages” to support children who are under the care of SOS Children's Villages and SOS programs for strengthening families
  •  PF «Charity center for family support «Svetoch» is aimed at supporting the orphanage «Svetoch». For more than 10 years the Company has been rendering comprehensive support to the children left without parents’ custody.
  • Association of Legal Entities “Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists” to conduct the IV Astana Economic Forum;
  • ALE in the form of Association “Kazakhstani Boxing Federation” to create the Boxing Academy in Almaty for statutory activities and provide effective training and competitive processes;
  • Social Fund “Munaishi” to implement statutory activities and providing social and material support to needy veterans of oil and gas industry, to issue Daniel Yergin’s book: “Production: Universal history of the struggle for oil, money and power” in Russian language and produce of a series of documentary videos about the history of oil and gas industry;
  • Regional Non-Profit Organization “Union of Theater Workers in Kazakhstan” to conduct the award ceremony “YENLIKGUL”;
  • RNPO “Judo Federation” to implement statutory activities and ensure effective training and competitive processes;
  • Private Institution “Ecological Union of Kazakhstan and businesses “Tabigat” to create a film about climbing Khan Tengri Peak, dedicated to 20th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan;
  • ALE “Fund of Social Welfare “Sharapat” to implement social projects in Astana
  • NPO “Organization of Veterans of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (republican status) to provide material support to veterans and hold events on the occasion of celebrating the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • NPO “Council of Veterans at the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Komek” to support the activities of the Council of Veterans and charitable activities;
  • Astana City Branch of Non-Profit Organization “Organization of Veterans of the Republic of Kazakhstan” to provide financial assistance to veterans and repair flats of veterans;
  • “Governance of preparedness activity, civil defense, organization of warning and liquidation of accidents and natural disasters of Atyrau region “to assist victims of floods in West Kazakhstan region (52.5 million tenge were transferred in total, including 37.5 million tenge were transferred from employees of companies of “NC “KMG” JSC on a voluntary basis) to implement the project on construction of residential buildings for affected population of West Kazakhstan region (3.9 billion were transferred in total);
  • SF “Altair” to implement the project on creating an animated video film for studying Kazakh, English and Russian;
  • SF “Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan” to implement the project on building partner British school “Hayleybury Astana”;
  • Corporate Fund “Presidential Fund State Language Development” to implement 6 projects aimed at developing the national language;
  • ALE in the form of Association “Youth Congress of Kazakhstan” to carry out significant activities and enhance the youth policy;
  • PI “Corporate University “Samruk-Kazyna” to conduct the VI International Conference “Human Resource Management: Innovations in HR” in order for holding the Republican Conference “Labor Market and Prospects for Development of Technical and Vocational Education” with participation of members of the Parliament, Government and other governmental bodies, national companies and holding companies;
  • SF “Rating” to publish a special issue of “Madeni Mura - Cultural Heritage”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Dossor, the 50th anniversary of Uzen and Zhetybay, the 25th anniversary of Kumkol;
  • ALE “Association of disabled patients with hematological malignancies” to conduct the III Charity Ball in Almaty
  • Abay’s Fund to conduct cultural events and issue two books “In the vastness of the three giants” and “Memories”;
  • NPO “Zhana Zhіger” to staging the musical comedy “Moldіr Makhabbat” dedicated to celebrating the 20th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan;
  • ALE “Association “Football Federation of Kazakhstan” to train national football teams of Kazakhstan and to conduct a tournament on mini-football for children and youth for the Cup “KMG” in Astana” dedicated to 20th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan;
  • NPO “Pavlodar is our common home” for construction of multi-purpose sports complex in Pavlodar;
  • Social fund to support the youth initiative “Zhastar Kalauy” for participation of the choreographic ensemble “Tumar” in the International Festival-contest of Choreographic Art “The Parisian Rhythms” in France and “Sea, Sun, Festival” in Spain;
  • NGO “Society for disabled children in Astana” to implement the project on building a playground at the residential settlement 1 Koktal-1, Astana, and hold sports events “Sportlandia 2011”;
  • NGO “Tennis Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan” for development of national tennis;
  • NGO “National Golf Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan”
  • For carrying out VII International golf tournament for professionals “Kazakhstan Open 2011” as of September 8-11, 2011, at the Golf Club “Nurtau”;
  • SF “KAZENERGY” to implement the social projects “Educational Project “Safi Utebayev’s Grant”, “Journalist Contest “Test of the Pen” and “Series of open classes in chemistry and equipping the chemistry cabinet in Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum, Astana”, reimbursement of expenses for holding KAZENERGY Scholars’ Forum;
  • NGO “Association of Business Women of Kazakhstan” to organize construction of the memorial complex of well-known Kazakhstan governor Bukeykhan and his wife in Astrakhan region of Russia, to landscape the adjacent area of the mausoleum (installation of the fence, interior decoration) and to organize making a film on the work done.

Standard Sports Grounds Construction Program

For a number of years the Company has been rendering sponsor’ help to the Republican boxing and bicycle sport Federations, Annually, it commits funds to hold major republican and international tournaments in big tennis such as Davis Cup, ATP and ITF, Hopman Cup Asian Championship and Challenger ATP tournament for the up of RK President.

The Company annually holds sport competitions among the employees, which is a real contribution to the program «Healthy life style». In order to create conditions to go in for mass sports, promote healthy life-style and involve children and youth in sports, NC «KazMunayGas» is implementing «Standard Multi-Purpose Sports Ground Construction program». The program Is realized in terms of the RoK President‘s initiative on promoting healthy life-style.

Popularization of children’s sports is a guarantee of the highest sports results of our country, therefore the contribution of the National Company «KazMunayGas» in the development of sports is inestimable.

In anticipation of the Capital Day, the National Company «KazMunayGas» opened a multifunctional sports ground at the territory of the state institution «School- lyceum «Kazgarysh» № 50 named after Raiymbek batyr».

This is the first in Kazakhstan multifunctional sports ground of such a level that meets the highest standards on construction of sports facilities. Totally 50 such sports facilities will be built for two years in Kazakhstan.

The multifunctional construction of the sports ground, its antitraumatic and frostproof surface allow to go in for sports in most convenient conditions, hold competitions in mini-football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and other competitive sports and play hockey, go in for figure skating in winter.

The technologies and materials used in the sports ground construction conform with the requirements of the ecological, sanitary and hygienic, fire-prevention and other norms and regulations of the RK and provide professional installation of sports surfaces. Thus, the synthetic grass of the football field was certified by FIFA and UEFA, and the synthetic surface of the tennis court is used at the training courts of Wimbledon.

Besides, these surfaces can resist multiple frosting and defrosting, which makes them possible to be used in such cities as Astana, where there are low subzero temperatures in winter. Every sports ground is equipped with lamp poles, which allows to go in for sports in the evening time.

The Program for construction of 50 standard multifunctional sports grounds is for 2010-2011.

General Sponsor of the Kazakhstan’s TV-project of N. Nazarbayev Educational Fund «Intellectual Olympiads»

banner_IQ.jpg« Интеллектуальные олимпиады» - «Intellectual Olympiads» is an entertaining and informative show focused on solving logical tasks in various subjects. In the 2009 season the games are to be held in three leagues: International league, Student League and School League. A team consists of 3 players (contenders) (pupils, students, post-graduate students).

This is the only Kazakhstan’s television project which not once became the winner and laureate of prestigious international television awards.

For the period from 2002 till April 2010 the creative group of the project has shot 345 television programs, issued seven books with questions-answers that have been presented at the intellectual tournaments, two versions of the «Intellectual Olympiads» interactive game on CD and DVD.

«Intellectual Olympiads» is the only internationally recognized television project of Kazakhstan.

Students from Kazakhstan, Russian, the USA, France, Turkey, Bulgaria and India participated in TV-programs of 2002-2007 seasons.

In September 2008, the broadcast of the First International Festival of IQ Games was held, in which students from Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Japan, India, Palestine, Iran and Pakistan took part.

In 2009 the First Intercontinental Tournament for the Cup of Noursultan Nazarbaeva Educational Foundation took place, in which Kazakhstan students and the students from Strasbourg University of Robert Schuman (Strasbourg, France), University of South Carolina (Colombia, the USA) and the University of Essex (Colchester, Great Britain) took part.

In December 2009 the II International Festival «IQ-games» was transmitted, showing the meeting of students from Turkey, India, Pakistan, the CIS and Kazakhstan.

In 2010 there will be a transmission of 18 television programs of Europe Championship, devoted to the chairmanship of Kazakhstan in the OSCE. The students of higher education institutions of Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Turkey, Great Britain, Ireland, and Italy and of other European countries will participate in these programs.

In 2011 the television project is planning to transmit the Open Asian Championship on intellectual all-around, devoted to the XII Winter Asian Games, where the students of the Universities of Asia, Africa and Australia will take part.

During international trips the creative group of the project meets officials – majors of the European capitals, Ministers of Education and Culture, as well as Mass media representatives – national TV, radio, newspaper of the host countries. At all the events the creative group of the project markets the Republic of Kazakhstan as a modern, stable and fast develop-ping state, reliable partner for diplomatic and cultural communications.

At this stage in the implementation of Kazakhstan’s television project of the N. Nazarbayev Educational Fund «Intellectual Olympiads» «MTM» Producer Center, having exclusive rights; «Kazakhstan» television channel, transmitting the program twice a week, are engaged.

General Sponsor of the Tennis Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

tennis.jpgIn February 2008, The Tennis Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan presented a 5-year-program on development and promotion of tennis in the Republic of Kazakhstan .The program was developed by International Tennis Federation .

Thus, in order to develop and promote professional sport in Kazakhstan, The Tennis Federation of RoK launched the project «KAZAKHSTAN TEAM». This project responds to the need to support the most talented Kazakhstani sportsmen and to involve them in professional tournaments and the republican teams Davis Cup and FedCup.

The main idea of the project is the formation of national teams according to age. In the course of the project development, it was decided that 8 age groups would be created. These are men’s and women’s teams with 6 sportsmen each, at the age of under 12, under 14, under 16, and 16 and older.

Each team has 2 coaches, with one of them specializing in physical training. Besides, the Tennis Federation (ITF) is actively developing children’s tennis in the Republic.

The purpose of the ITF initiative is to attract annually more than 350 thousands of children all over the world to go in for tennis. Among lots of the projects implemented by the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation there is a Program of mini tennis (School tennis initiative), which was started in Kazakhstan in 2008. The rise of tennis popularity is the primary target of this Program. This is a kind of a preparatory stage for the children who would like to continue tennis trainings hereafter.

There are complexes put into operation in Almaty, Astana, Taraz, Aktobe, Ust-Kamenogorsk, new bases are constructed in Shymkent, Karagandy, Pavlodar, Aktau and Atyrau. The international ATP Challenger series tournament for a President Cup is held annually in Kazakhstan. The prize fund of it amounts to USD 125 thousand.

For the first time in the history of the Kazakhstan’s tennis the representative of our picked team Yaroslava Shvedova has won through to the 1\4 of the Grand Slam of «Rolan Garros» tournament final competition, and also came through to the final of this tournament.

The other breakthrough was getting of our men’s picked team into play-off in the struggle for the place in the World’s group of the Davis Cup tournament.

General Sponsor of the Football Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Football Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Football Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan is developing, promoting and holding competitions in football, futsal, women, beach , children and junior football. The Football Federation of Kazakhstan unites football federations and associations of regions and towns.

President – Dzhaksybekov Adilbek Ryskeldinovich.

FIFA member since 1994
UEFA member since 2002.

The Football Federation of Kazakh SSR was founded in 1959.

The first football teams in Kazakhstan appeared in 1913 in the city of Semipalatinsk (now Semei).
In 1999, junior national team of Kazakhstan participated in the world championship in Nigeria.
In 2000, the national futsal team of Kazakhstan took part in the world championship in Guatemala.
In 2008, the junior national team of Kazakhstan took part in the final tournament of the European championship in S-Petersburg.

The Football team «Kairat’ is a cup-winner of the USSR football federation in 1988.
The Football team «Aktobe» is a finalist of the Cup of Commonwealth of CIS countries and Baltic states in 2009 and 2010.
The Football team «Tobol» is a winner of UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2007.
The Football team «Kairat» is a three-time semi-finalist of UEFA futsal Cup in seasons 2005/2006, 2007/2008 and 2008/2009.

In 1998, a member of the USSR team, Kazakhstani player Yevgeniy Yarovenko became the champion of the Olympic games.

The eminent football players of Kazakhstan are: Seilda Bayshakov, Timur Segizbayev, Kuralbek Ordabayev, Sergey Kvochkin, Anatoly Ionkin, Evgeniy Yarovenko, Evstafiy Pehlevanidi.

General sponsor of the Judo Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Judo Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The Judo Federation in Kazakhstan was established in 1973. The beginning of the second stage of judo development is connected with Kazakhstan’s sovereignty, when we first had an opportunity to represent our country at official international tournaments as a separate National picked team.

Year 1993 became a remarkable date in the chronicle of Kazakhstan’s judo development. Participating in the Asia (Macao) championship for the first time, the national men’s team took 2 place, yielding to one of the strongest teams of the World – Japan picked team.

In 1993-94, 6 members of the National team were awarded the title of International Sports master. In 2004 ,Almaty hosted the first championship of Asia. Judo sportsmen of Kazakhstan won glorious victories over traditionally strong sportsmen of the Asian continent. Ashat Zhitkeev ( -100), Muratbek Kipshakbayev (66) and Donbai Bazarbek (60) won golden medals.

Nowadays one of the priority tasks of the Authorities of the Judo Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan is development of club judo, as is common in the world practice. Among the pioneers there are clubs «Lachin» and «Arlan» in Almaty, «Enbek» and «Judo «Asia» in Karagandy. For 2011 it is planned to hold the first judo club championship of Kazakhstan.

The Judo Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan forges close and productive with the International Judo Federation (IJF). Its managers are: Marius Visor, President, Vladimir Barta, Sports commission Director and Huan Barkus, Referee-director, being the most expert in the world of judo, highly appreciate our athletes at the world tournaments.

For the first time in the history of judo, in September 2010, Almaty is going to host a qualifying round of evaluation for the Olympic games of 2012 in London.

A strategic mission of the Judo Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan is to successfully perform at the Olympic Games 2012 in London and win Olympic medals in this sport.

General sponsor of the Boxing Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

b11_07.jpgSince 1992, Boxing Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an equal member of AIBA and entered into the Asian Continental Amateur Boxing Association.

The debut of a separate picked team of Kazakhstan at the Olympic Games was in 1996 in Atlanta. Following the results of the tournament the Kazakhstan’s fighters won one gold, one silver and two bronze medals. In the informal joint team classification our team took the honorable third pace, having yielded to the teams of the USA and Cuba only by the number of the prizes.

In 2008 at the Olympic Games in Beijing, Bakhyt Sarsekbayev won a gold medal in the weight of 69 kg, and a bronze winner became Yerkebulan Shinaliyev in the weight till 81 kg.

Kazakhstan boxing federation aims at good performance at the Olympic games in London in 2012.

General Sponsor of ASTANA Water polo club

ASTANA Water polo clubThe team of water polo veterans of the Republic of Kazakhstan - «Water polo club «ASTANA» also applied to take part in the championship.

The water polo veterans’ team, who has been representing our country for the last eleven years, is the only team among the central Asian countries in this sport. In 2009, supported by Kazakhstani sponsors, the team became an Olympic champion among veterans in Sydney, Australia.

The team was formed in 1995, and starting from 1996, has been actively taking part in the world championships organized by the International sport committee and International Federation of water sports.

In 1996, the team took part in the 6-th championship among water polo veterans which was held in England, and won the silver medal there. The sponsor of the team in this championship was the airline «Rossiyskiye international airlines» (Aeroflot).

In 1998, the team took the second place at the 7-th world championship among water polo veterans that was held in Morocco. The sponsor of the team in this championship was airline « Rossiyskiye international airlines» (Aeroflot).

At the 8-th world championship held in Germany in 2000, the team took the 6-th place among 24 teams participating in this world championship. The team was sponsored by Almaty water treatment plant.

The team didn’t take part in the 9-th world championship held in New Zealand in 2002, for the lack of proper financing.

In 2004 the team took the second place at the 10-th championship, in the age category of 35+, in San-Marino. Private individuals sponsored the team.

In 2006, the ream became the champion of the world in the age category of 35+ in San Francisco.

The sponsor of the team preparation and training was JS «KEGOC». In 2008, the team won the silver medal at the world championship in the age category 40+, in Pert, Australia. The sponsors were private individuals.

In 2009, the team became the Olympic champion among veterans in Sydney, Australia. The sponsors were also Kazakhstani companies.

Among the team members are 3 Honored Masters of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan ( N.Mendygaliev, A.Orazalinov, S.Drosdov). 3 International Masters of Sports, 10 masters of sports. Two third of the team consists of players who at the end of 80-s, beginning of 90-s played in the legendary water polo team «Dinamo-Alma-Ata» which became silver prize-winners three times and twice- bronze prize-winners of water polo championships and cups of the USSR , and had been one of the three strongest teams in the USSR.

The veterans team players used to play for the National team in the Olympic games and World championships, and in 2000 as part of National team of the Republic of Kazakhstan became the winners of the Cup of Asian champions which was held in Thailand.

Sponsor of Eurasian Media Forum

Sponsor of Eurasian Media Forum The Eurasian Media Forum — is a remarkable international media-initiative aimed at supporting professional development and disseminating information about peculiarities of Eurasian region development.

The forum deals with the following issues: the condition and transformation of the Eurasian information space under the influence of the current media-challenges; discussion of the relevant issues of regional media-markets development in new conditions, initiating and expansion of the dialogue of the place and role of Eurasian continent in the process of global development.
Eurasian media forum creates conditions for the free and transparent dialogue of politicians, journalists and experts on the world problems of contemporary development in search for new opportunities to provide political stability and safety in the region.

Great interest on the part of the international community to the conferences of Eurasian Media Forums which took place in Almaty from 2002 to 2008 and hosted more than 500 delegated from 60 countries of the world, is the evidence of the fact that broad-ranging discussions of political and media issues really contributed to strengthening of mutual understanding and trust in the Eurasian continent.

The idea of the forum garnered support of a number of major international organizations and leading media-structures, among them are : Khabar Agency, CNN, NATO, Associated Press television news, The Eurasia House, The Eurasia Centre at The Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge, International Herald Tribune, The International Press Institute, The Centre for World Dialogue, RIA «Novosti» Agency (Russia), The Information Telegraph Agency of Russia (ITAR-TASS), The German-Kazakh Society, the British-Kazakh Society, East-West Institute (USA), The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (IATAS), The American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan, International Journalist Unions Confederation, The International Institute for Modern Politics, Journalist Unions of Russia and Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan TV and Radio Broadcasters' Association, Kazakhstan Congress of Journalists, and many others.

General Sponsor of the 3rd Astana Economic Forum

Economic ForumThis year's annual Economic Forum has been attended by over 3000 representatives of political and business groups from more than 70 countries, as well as leading scientists, community and media leaders to discuss key issues of the global economy development.

Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan opened the Forum.

Mr. Pan Gi Mun, the UN Secretary General has also greeted the Forum participants and delivered A Welcoming Speech to thank the Government of Kazakhstan for its tremendous initiative. Astana Economic Forum brings together top politicians, global leaders, analysts to discuss key economic and political issues and develop practical steps to enhance international economic cooperation – said the UN Secretary General in his message.

17 meetings and panel sessions have been held during the forum, which resulted in the signing of memorandums and agreements for cooperation. During the forum an agreement has been reached with the European Investment Bank aimed at financing investment projects in Kazakhstan amounting to 1,5 billion Euros.

More than 20 large-scale Kazakh innovation and more than 50 Kazakhstani investment projects were also presented during the forum. Also the forum participants were able to learn a map of Kazakhstani industrialization for 2010-2014 through e-desk, as well as the scheme of rational distribution of productive capacity in the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2015 built on the basis of the information system for investment management processes. The system operational monitoring of ongoing economic processes in the country and the world has also been presented to the forum attendants.

General Sponsor of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC)

World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC)General Sponsor of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC) which will be held on October 18-20, 2010 in Astana.

The forthcoming World Forum should serve as a World Working Meeting and aims at finding a solution to the systemic crisis of the modern civilization by realizing the priority of spirituality and culture above all other public values.

Excellent representatives from the field of science, culture, politics, philosophy as well as writers, artists, progressive thinkers etc. will contribute to targets such as: Ways towards Spiritual Concord and Spiritual Culture – Ways towards Peace of the World Community, by developing plans of activity, initiatives, concepts and ideas for this aim.

In the view of the organizers, time has come when each of us should place the question: "Who? If not me!" - to stop the endless pursuit of material welfare, to make an end to the boundless aspiration to money-making, to cure our modern civilization from the virus of greediness.

The organizers of the WFSC are as follows: The International association «Peace through Culture», International public fund «Congress of Spiritual Concord», a number of other public and scientific organizations of Kazakhstan, Russia and the European countries. President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Parliament and the Government support the World Forum.

The Partner of the 6th Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development in Asia and the Pacific (MCED-6), (September 27 - October 2, Astana)

logo_mced.jpgThe Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development in Asia and the Pacific (MCED-6) – it is a momentous event for Kazakhstan. MCED is held every five years since 1985. It is organized by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in cooperation with the UN. This is a unique forum for exchanging views and experiences between policy makers, academic and business communities, civil society across the region.

The Asian and Pacific region is experiencing the fastest economic growth in the world. However, this rapid economic growth is placing increasing pressure on the environmental carrying capacity of the region. The challenge for the region lies in pursuing the economic growth that is so necessary for achieving the development goals.

The problem of sustainable use of natural resources and social security are vital now more than ever. The situation is aggravated by the emergence of new risks and uncertainties, including food, energy and financial, not excluding the threat of climate change. The region also remains vulnerable to natural disasters, the number of which may be increasing as a result of climate change. All these are serious problems that threaten to slow or even reverse economic development, which the region has achieved over the past few decades.

“The recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is a warning about those deplorable consequences that we might expect, if in the pursuit of economic growth, we will ignore the ecology and climate issues. The world requires a new environmentally sound technologies, their rapid exchange and a wider use of renewable energy sources"- noted the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The purpose of MCED-6, through a broad-based and interactive discussion, is to secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development, while assessing the progress to date and remaining developmental gaps in the implementation of the internationally agreed development goals and MCED-5 outcomes, including the Green Growth strategy. MCED-6 also aims to define the priorities and cooperative actions that should have been implemented by relevant government and non-government partners.

Following the principles of sustainable economic growth, policies must be implemented in an environmentally responsible and socially equitable manner for the politicians, business leaders and society in general. More and more countries adopt the concept of Green Growth and other synergistic strategies of development that allow achieving healthy economic development, ensuring environmental sustainability and strengthening economic and social stability.

Holding such forum in Astana – is an indicator of Kazakhstan leader's attention to the Environment and Sustainable Development issues. The active position of Kazakhstan is aimed at strengthening the ecological safety in the region.

The initiative of Astana - as the idea of converging the European and Asian cooperation processes to implement the national program “Zhasyl Damu" - will provide a regional platform to develop a coherent strategy and establish a reliable channel for dialogue on policy and environmental protection issues between Asia, Europe and the Pacific region and will facilitate communication and interaction between the Sixth Ministerial Conference MCED6 and the European Ministerial Conference on Environment, which will be held by UNECE in 2011 in Kazakhstan.

The general sponsor of the III Charity Ball

On May 14, 2011, the III Charity Ball was held in the ball room of Almaty Towers. Celebration, which has become traditional, “event of the year” for visitors and residents of the southern capital, will swirl you in a whirlwind of spring mood.

The performance of an Italian singer who has performed the legendary hit “Jamaica”, Robertino Loreti, and soloist of the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet, winner of numerous international competitions, Alfiya Karimova, was the main gift for guests’ of “the only real Ball”. But this is not the last surprise! Kazakhstan audience was regaled with virtuoso performances of Russian singer who embodies creativity on the stage in the style of “indie-cabaret” or “neoshanson”, Igor Grigoriev, as well as, Ukrainian singer, owner of a unique voice, natural male soprano, Alex Luna.

The hosts of the evening, already a favorite tandem, Chief Choreographer of the Ball, Gediminas Taranda, the founder and director of “Russian Imperial Ballet”, and Kazakh actress Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova. Considering the wishes and preferences of the beautiful half of the Ball Marius Stravinsky, as well as permanent head of the orchestra, Vag Papyan, were conducted by the State Symphony Orchestra of the RK again.

Pianist, Eleanora Bekova, actors, Dmitry Maryanov, Linda Nigmatulina, producer, Yerken Yalgashev, violinist, Aida Ayupova, opera singer, Mayra Mukhamed-kyzy and Olympic medalist, Islam Bayramukov, attended the celebration as honored guests.

By tradition, 60 pairs of debutants will open the Ball with their sublime polonaise. “Small” students of Almaty Choreographic School named after A. Seleznev together with debutants opened the III Charity Ball with their sublime polonaise. Hero of the recently acclaimed domestic film “The Tale of a Pink Rabbit”, Anuar Nurpeisov and Maxim Akbarov, well-known singer and member of the project “Superstar KZ”, Alisher Karimov, laureate of international competitions, performer of dances of the peoples of the world, Anel Nurseitova, became the honored debutants of this year.

The honorable Ball Committee, chaired by Mayor of Almaty, A.S.Yesimov, included: Chairman of the NSC of the RK, N.A.Abykayev, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, K.N.Kelimbetov, UNICEF Representative in Kazakhstan, H.Singer, The People's Artist of the RK, A.K.Musakhodjayeva, People's Artist of RK, Zh.Ya. Aubakirova and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in Kazakhstan, B.K. Shukenov.

The general sponsor of the First Kazakh world expedition on the research vessel “Chokan Valikhanov”

“KMG” Group of companies was the general sponsor of the First Kazakh world expedition on the research vessel “Chokan Valikhanov” dedicated to the 20th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan.

As previously reported, the project started on September 25, 2007, from the port of Aktau. Its goal was conducting PR-actions in all the countries passed through by the yacht in the Asia and Pacific region aimed to strengthen the positive image of Kazakhstan in the world. President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, welcomed the participants of the expedition, he solemnly handed the flag of the Republic, thereby, imposing the honorable mission - to transport it around the world, talking about our country. Our country became the first in Central Asia, which sent its citizens from the center of the continent to global cruise. The motto of the regatta was “We are opening to the world and the world is opening to us!”

The expedition passed through the Volga-Don basin, the Black and Mediterranean seas. The expedition started its moving across the Atlantic from the Canary Islands. Meanwhile, in August 2008, the Central Asian Geographic Society announced that the world expedition was suspended indefinitely due to financial problems. At that time the yacht was in port of Bas du Fort in Guadeloupe, from where later it was transferred to the dock on the island of Antigua.

Thanks to sponsorship of “KMG” Group of companies, the expedition resumed in July, 2011, from the island of Antigua. For the first time the yacht will cross the equator from the island of Antigua and through the Panama Canal and move across the Pacific ocean. Later the expedition will pass through the sea border of China, Thailand and India - more than 30 countries. The yacht will pass in shallow and deep waters of seas and oceans, which is a complicated navigation and technical challenge. The global cruise is planned to be finished in December, 2011.

The round-the-world project has already won world-wide interest. A lot of people from different countries monitor it. The project is the most concrete and daring expression of a new image of Kazakhstan as a great power, and emphasizes its cultural, industrial and financial potential. Upon completion of the project, all materials of the expedition will be presented in the museum of the President of the RK and the National Museum.

The inspirer of the project is the Central Asian Geographic Society. This is the first in Central Asia non-profit organization designed to promote increasing and spreading geographic knowledge in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The CAGS focuses on work on developing scientific research, direct participation in expeditions, development of tourism, mountaineering and travels, both in Kazakhstan and all around the world. Well-known travelers are the heads of the organization. One of them is world-known biker and traveler, Dmitriy Petrukhin. He cycled 110 000 km., visiting 70 countries. In any point of the earth he was perceived as a goodwill ambassador, a man, talking about Kazakhstan.

Dmitriy Petrukhin crossed Europe, Africa and Australia. His route was laid along the roads of 16 European countries: Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, Austria, Poland and Belarus, amounting to 15 000 km, in total. Then the biker “conquered” the Black Continent, a part of the route passes along the route of the famous Paris-Dakar race. Conquering South and North America was the third task of the world cycle trip. The route passed through Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, amounting to 46 000 km, in total. Dmitriy told about Kazakhstan, gave national souvenirs and arranged photo exhibitions never left with legendary hat in all his travels.

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