Oil-spill prevention

Permanent readiness for oil spill response operations (OSR) is an absolute priority for KMG.

The facilities of the company are provided with OSR plans put in place in due course. To enhance the level of readiness for OSR, company regularly conducts theoretical and practical training, drills and exercises at various levels to improve practical skills of staff.

According to the organizational instructions of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the formation of civil protection, SDEs of KMG are involved in the republican command-and-staff training exercises and other activities carried out by the executive bodies in terms of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations.

In addition, at the facilities of SDEs according to the approved schedules, fire and tactical exercises, training sessions and exercises related to the elimination of possible accidents are carried out.

A specialized facility to respond to oil spills in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea is the North Caspian Environmental Response Base (NCERB). Its main tasks are as follows:

  • elimination of all kinds of oil spills in the North Caspian part, particularly, during the work of Kashagan block facilities;
  • rehabilitation of animals in the event of an emergency at sea;
  • staff training for the use of emergency equipment
  • environmental and meteorological monitoring.

We recognize the importance of regions and local communities development, so we try to increase the involvement of stakeholders and assess the impact of our activities on the environment and health of local communities.