Prevention of oil spills and ensuring readiness

Permanent readiness for oil spill response operations (OSR) is an absolute priority for us.

The Caspian Sea is a unique natural site whose fragile ecosystem is particularly sensitive to oil pollution due to its isolation. We impose high requirement on environmental safety during offshore oil operations: prior to any type of work, we perform baseline environmental studies in contract areas and assess our potential social and environmental impacts, as well as perform impact monitoring, emission monitoring and emergency monitoring - during and after operations.

Before the start of offshore drilling operations, we ensure a constant readiness to eliminate any possible oil spills. Upon completion of work, we conduct continuous environmental monitoring of abandoned wells.  Monitoring of abandoned wells in contract areas includes the monitoring of: air quality, sea water pollution and bottom sediments, state of biodiversity, as well as laboratory and analytical work, photo and video recording of the mouths of the abandoned wells.

During offshore operations, we strictly adhere to the following principles:

  • Strict adherence to design concepts
  • Principle of "zero emission" - all waste and sewage water is taken back to the shore
  • Provision of all floating devices with fish protection devices and lack of oil-contaminated water
  • Moratorium on conducting production operations during the spawning period - from April 1 to July 15
  • Prohibition of fishing from production vessels
  • Prohibition of well testing and flaring of hydrocarbons at night
  • Observance of a special mode of use

Production facilities of the Group are provided with OSR plans put in place in due course. To enhance the level of readiness for OSR, company regularly conducts practical and theoretical training, exercises and drills of various levels to improve practical skills of staff.

Incident command team exercise for oil spill response are held with the involvement of representatives of interested state bodies in the field of ecology, industrial safety, civil protection, as well as with the participation of representatives of the parent company - JSC NC KazMunayGas, interested representatives of its subsidiaries and affiliates and other oil and gas companies.

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