Use of energy resources and energy efficiency

We are actively working to improve energy efficiency and optimize the use of energy resources.

A corporate “Roadmap for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement” has been developed for a period up to 2021 and as a result of the Roadmap implementation it is planned to reduce the consumption of energy resources by 4.5 million gigajoules.  We continue our work to attract strategic investors in the field of energy saving through the internationally accepted mechanism of energy service contracts.

The main strategic development directions of energy saving and energy efficiency of the group are the modernization of technological equipment, introduction of energy saving technologies, optimization of generation and consumption of thermal energy, as well as development of own generation sources, including using APG.

Thanks to the energy saving measures taken, the consumption of fuel and energy resources has decreased by 0.7% in compare with 2016. Also in 2017, energy intensity for group of companies average in the Exploration-Production sector was 1.6 gigajoules per tonne of hydrocarbon produced, which is lower by 6% in compare with previous period (2016).

In 2017, more than 82 measures were taken for energy saving and energy efficiency, the total savings of fuel and energy resources amounted to 833.3 thousand GJ, which in real terms is - 12.3 million kW of electricity, 2.1 thousand Gcal of thermal energy, 7 879 thousand m3 natural gas and 14.6 thousand tons of boiler and furnace fuel.

Savings in financial costs for purchasing of fuel and energy resourcing amounted to 410.3 million tenge (1.26 million USD).

In the near future we also plan:

  • to implement energy saving and energy efficiency measures which will result in saving at least 0.8 million GJ of energy (2018)
  • to conduct a benchmarking study based on Solomon energy intensity indixes in order to analyze the current level of development of Kazakhstan’s refineries in comparison with the world's best refineries, and re-conduct energy audits at all our refineries (until 2019).

Also this year Company has prepared and published for the first time its own Energy Report disclosing key KMG indicators in energy resources use and energy efficiency in the context of the main global trends, taking into account natural gas market development forecasts and risks which industry faces.