Use of energy resources and energy efficiency

We have been hard at work on increasing the energy efficiency and optimized use of energy resources in the company.

The corporate Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Improvement Road Map until 2021 has been developed, which, when implemented, is slated to reduce energy consumption by 4.5 mn GJ.  We also continue working on the attraction of strategic investors to energy conservation through the internationally recognized mechanism of performance contracts.

The key areas of energy conservation and energy efficiency development in the group are: modernization of technological equipment, implementation of energy saving technology, optimized generation and consumption of thermal energy and development of the own electrical power sources, including those utilizing APG.

A total of 59 energy conservation and energy efficiency actions were performed in 2018, with modernization of the process equipment, introduction of power factor compensation devices, implementation of energy-efficient technology, optimized generation and consumption of thermal power being the key actions. Saving of fuel and energy resources has been 436.8 GJ, in natural terms 16.8 mn KW (60.6 thous. GJ) of electric power, 8.8 thous. Gcal (37.1 thous. GJ) of thermal power, 9.6 mn m3 (324.3 thous. GJ) of natural gas and 458 thous. litres (14.8 thou. GJ) of fuel and lubricants.


Energy consumption in hydrocarbon production, GJ per ton of produced CHCs


The specific energy consumption by the Group in hydrocarbon production was 2.3 GJ per ton of produced CHCs, 53% higher compared to the figure of the international association of oil and gas producers (IOGP) - 1.5 GJ per ton of produced hydrocarbons. In oil production, the specific consumption of energy resources is primarily due to the increase in water content of production in old fields.

Our plans for the nearest term:

- In 2019, the performance of energy conservation and energy efficiency actions will continue, slated to save at least 0.8 mn GJ of power.

- In the course of the modernization, in 2019-2021, the refineries plan to introduce automated systems for technical electricity metering based on microprocessor computer systems and control complexes, which is a computerized information system with centralized control and distributed metering function;

- take up Solomon energy intensity index benchmarking study, in order to analyze the current development level of Kazakhstan's refineries as compared to the world's best refineries, and once more carry out energy audit in all our refineries;

- additional performance of follow-up energy audits in the producing assets and the oil-refining sector.