Use of energy resources and energy efficiency

We are actively working to improve energy efficiency and optimize the use of energy resources

In 2016, we developed a corporate "Road map for energy saving and energy efficiency improvement" for the period up to 2021, as a result of which it is planned to reduce the consumption of energy resources by 4.5 million gigajoules.  We continue our work to attract strategic investors in the field of energy saving through the internationally accepted mechanism of energy service contracts.

The main strategic development directions of energy saving and energy efficiency of the group are the modernization of technological equipment, introduction of energy saving technologies, optimization of generation and consumption of thermal energy, as well as development of own generation sources, including using APG.

Thanks to the energy saving measures, consumption of fuel and energy resources decreased by 1.4% compared to the base year.

1.617 million tenge (4.7 million US dollars) was invested in the implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency measures, more than 74 events were carried out. Savings in financial costs for the purchase of fuel and energy resources - 955 million tenge (2.8 million US dollars), which is 4.6% more than in 2015.

Within a period from 2017 through 2020, we plan to:

  • hold an energy audit at the corporate center and develop a Plan of energy-saving measures;
  • issue a separate Energy Report of the Group;
  • implement energy saving and energy efficiency measures that will result in savings of at least 0.9 million gigajoules of energy in 2017.