Use of energy resources and energy efficiency

In recent years, the world witnesses a shortage in the power supply system. KMG seeks for opportunities to reduce the consumption of fuel and energy resources on an ongoing basis which will allow us to become more energy-efficient company and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

More than 80% of our SDEs have implemented energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 international standard. Also, separate structural subdivisions for energy management were created for data collection and analysis, implementation of activities aimed at improving energy efficiency. To improve the skills of our specialists, over 1,831 professionals have been trained on the theme "Development and implementation of an energy management system based on the international standard ISO 50001".

In 2015, according to the requirements of the legislation, we conducted an energy audit. This analysis allowed us to determine the structure and the basic level of energy consumption (electricity, thermal energy, natural gas, oil and fuel) and conduct benchmarking of our activities with the indicators of IOGP members.

In our production activities, main energy sources are natural gas (38%), associated gas (15%), boiler and furnace fuel (15%), as well as a thermal and electrical energy (10% and 9%, respectively). The share of natural and associated gas accounts for about 53% of the total consumption of energy resources, and we intend to continue to use these affordable and environmentally friendly energy sources in our activities.

The implementation of activities within action plans for group companies in the years 2016-2020 will allow reducing energy consumption by 8,098,392 GJ which will result in saving energy resources by 7.2%.

Action Plan on Energy Saving for 2016-2020


Planned costs, mln. tenge (mln. $)

Savings, mln. tenge (mln. $)

Energy saving, GJ

Energy saving from total consumption, %

Boiler furnace fuel

12 648


2 095 (9.5)

6 167 260


Thermal energy

612 (2.8)

1 181 389


Electrical energy

3 349 (15.2)

749 744



6 056 (27.4)

8 098 392


In 2016, we plan to develop a "Road map of energy saving and energy efficiency of KMG" until 2020. We are also working to attract strategic investors in the field of energy saving through the mechanism of energy service contracts.