Waste management

The issues of industrial waste management is one of the environmental priorities of government bodies and local communities. On an annual basis we allocate significant financial resources and invest in solving problems related to the generation of waste and land pollution at our production facilities. Guided by the requirements of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, hazardous waste, which cannot be decontaminated, processed and recycled at our facilities, are transported to landfills of specialized companies. We ensure that our contractors fulfill requirements for safe handling, disposal and recycling of wastes.

During naval operations, we use "zero discharge" principle. According to this principle, wastes and wastewater formed during the drilling are transported to the shore for further decontamination.

On the level of SDEs, industrial environmental control and monitoring of waste management are carried out. In order to comply with legal requirements in the SDEs, waste management programs are developed and implemented agreed with the state authorities in the field of environmental protection.

Audits, control and monitoring of compliance with the requirements for waste management in SDEs are carried out at the corporate level.

We research new practices and technologies in the field of waste management to implement them in our companies.

For the continuous exchange of experience and knowledge, in 2015, we have set up a working group in the field of waste management, the members of which are environmental experts of SDEs of KMG.

An important problem for our company is still the presence of historically accumulated oil waste and contaminated sites formed in the 70s, some of which were subsequently transferred to state ownership by a court decision. As part of social responsibility and previous commitments, an Action plan for their phased elimination is implemented on the contract territory of KMG.

Based on the analysis of waste generation rate, we aim to develop a Corporate Waste Management Plan for 2016-2020 which will include the introduction of innovative and clean technologies and processes, waste management through effective methods of processing, recycling and waste management.