Waste management

Industrial waste management is one of our environmental priorities. On an annual basis we allocate significant financial resources and invest in resolving problems related to the generation of waste and land pollution at our production facilities.

Guided by the requirements of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, hazardous wastes, which cannot be decontaminated, processed and recycled at our facilities, are transported to specialized landfills. We ensure that our contractors fulfill requirements for safe handling, disposal and recycling of wastes.

In order to comply with legal requirements, Waste Management Programs are developed and implemented in the Group agreed with the state authorities in the field of environmental protection.

We review new practices and efficient technologies in the field of waste management to implement them in our companies.

As part of the social responsibility and the obligations assumed under the existing agreements with state bodies, we continue our work on the elimination of historically accumulated oil wastes and contaminated land in the contract territories. In 2016, production organizations of the Group provided more than 2.3 billion tenge (6.7 million US dollars) for waste management and land reclamation activities.

With the purpose of processing and disposing of drilling waste, the following methods and technologies are used: biological remediation, thermal cracking, thermal desorption, burial at specialized landfills.