Code of ethics

Code of Ethics of KMG establishes the norms of behavior for all employees of KMG, irrespective of their position, and highlights the key values and ethical principles of work. Additionally, the Code establishes the norms of behavior in coordination with colleagues, state bodies, shareholders, branches, business partners, communities and media. The Code was approved by the Board of Directors of KMG in 2010. Every 2 years the Board of Directors of KMG considers the provisions of this Code, examines the extent of its application and, if necessary, makes appropriate changes. Familiarization with the Code is mandatory for all employees.

  • Justice – our decisions and actions are in accordance with the legislation and based on equal and fair rights of all interested parties.
  • Respect for human rights - respect for human rights are guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international documentation, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which we are a part.
  • Intolerance to corruption - corruption destroys the value, created by our organizations for our shareholders, investors, and other interested parties and society in general; we declare our intolerance to corruption in all its manifestations.
  • Prevention of a conflict of interest - grave violations, around conflicts of interest, can cause damage to reputation of KMG; in relations with interested parties, we act with respect, honesty, incorruptibility, justice and loyalty, take measures to prevent, detect and mitigate the conflict of interests.
  • A personal example of leadership behavior - each of us in our daily activities, behavior and decision-making can contribute to the implementation of the principles of Sustainable Development. The management of the company declares its commitment to the principles of sustainable development.

In order to identify, and resolve possible conflict situations and minimize their consequences, KMG introduced the corporate Ombudsman function, which is appointed by the Board of Directors of KMG. In 2015, a road map was developed to bring the concept of the mission, functions and tasks of the Ombudsman in line with the best world practice. As part of the implementation of this roadmap, a new “Regulation on the KMG Ombudsman” was developed and approved.

In 2015 there were 17 appeals to the KMG Ombudsman. The subject of conflict situations were interpersonal, psychological and other conflicts in the workplace caused by violation of ethical, procedural or legislative norms of business conduct and code of ethics.

Also, there are various mechanisms by which employees, business partners and stakeholders can report on non-compliance with corporate ethics

  • Employees – by informing their direct manager or a superior officer; either by providing information to the Ombudsman;
  • Employees of the organization and other persons - by phone 786565, either through the electronic address of trust: (Information can be presented anonymously).

The Code of Ethics is available to interested parties on the official website of the company in Kazakh, English and Russian languages, as well as on the internal electronic document base - EDB IMS.