2015 - YEAR of occupational safety and environment

In 2015, the priority of our work was the area of occupational safety, health and environment. In our efforts to improve the environmental situation we are guided by the principles of the Green Economy Concept.  Our work in the field of occupational safety and health has been aimed at achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We remain committed to our principle of respectful and rightful attitude towards local communities. We also seek for new ways to maintain social stability in the regions of our operations. For example, KMG carries out an innovative project on monitoring the social stability in the regions of production operations. These innovative tools allow us to identify the areas of high social tension and focus attention and resources to make the necessary decisions. This approach taking into account the peculiarities of the regions will help us in the development of preventive measures for a more comprehensive compliance with the expectations of local communities.

Sustainable development strategy of KMG as a national company, corresponds to the development plan of Kazakhstan. We intend to contribute to the implementation of such programs as "Strategy 2050", the Concept on transition to Green economy and international environmental commitments assumer by our country including the principles of Rio de Janeiro, the Paris Agreement and the World Bank's initiative "Zero Routine Flaring by 2030".

Our work in the field of occupational safety and health has been aimed at raising the awareness and transparency of reporting. We have achieved significant results, the transparency of reporting has increased in 4 times. The increase of commitment of managers and employees to the safe behavior in the workplace is obvious.

To contribute to the implementation of the third UN SDG "To ensure a healthy lifestyle and promote well-being for everyone at any age", we have done significant work to improve the health of our employees, starting with an initial assessment of "health status" of the company. Based on the results of our analysis, we have identified a number of problems related to cardiovascular diseases among the employees of mining and service companies in Mangistau region. KMG implemented an action plan to improve the situation.

Our fundamental principles throughout the year were national objectives within the framework of the Green Economy Concept:

  1. improving the welfare of the population and the quality of the environment through cost-effective ways to mitigate the impact on the environment;
  2. increasing the efficiency of resources (water, land, biological) use and management.