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KMG CEO has familiarized with production operations in Atyrau

On November 17, CEO of JSC NC “KazMunayGas” (hereinafter – KMG) Mr. Aidarbayev visited production facilities during a working trip to Atyrau.

Mr. Aidarbayev learnt about construction progress of petro-chemical complex. To date, the project has been completed 78.2%. KMG management inspected construction sites of water treatment and wastewater treatment units, compressed air and nitrogen production facilities. The operation of steam-gas turbine power plant was also checked.

“I would like to note measures taken by KPI LT to increase number of local and expat employees at the construction site during the quarantine period. However, some restrictions did not affect pace of works and equipment delivery terms. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up construction and installation works to allow timely implementation of commissioning, A. Aidarbayev said during the meeting.”

Later, he got informed about implementation of “Tazalyk” project ANPZ refinery. KMG CEO noted needs to reduce terms of implementation of the project and speed up the procurement process. In addition, he mentioned the situation that took place on the refinery on November 1. It should be recalled that waste water containing floating and organic substances was discharged into the channel of standard-treated water stream. At the meeting, it was noted that KMG management took the situation under control in a timely manner. The plant personnel was instructed to prevent such cases in the future.

At TCO HQ, Mr. Aidarbayev got acquainted with FGP-WPMP progress. TCO GD Mrs. Bonner shared about completion of three-year program related to sea lifts from abroad to Kazakhstan, which includes 408 module sea lifts.

“The completion of sea lift is a huge achievement. This project has shown significant opportunities for Kazakhstani companies in sea logistics and fabrication of modules. Despite current unpleasant situation on the market, pandemic and global scale of sea lifts, I am glad that we have justified trust between our partners and the Republic of Kazakhstan. We hope that our fruitful cooperation with the RoK Government, local executive bodies and business partners will continue in order to complete and maximize development of Tengiz project,”  Mrs. Bonner reported. 

Since FGP-WPMP execution, TCO has spent over $10.3B to purchase Kazakhstani goods, services and works. The share of Kazakhstani employees in the project is 91%. TCO also attracts local companies to provide engineering, logistics and production services. Over 2 350 Kazakhstani organizations have been previously selected to participate in the project, of which 630 companies have signed contracts.