Attention, Scam!

Currently, scammers have built a dedicated website, mobile app and social media profiles, where they propose that Kazakh nationals invest their money to what they say is National Company “KazMunayGas”. In consideration, the scammers promise a fast return from sales of oil and gas.

KazMunayGas would like to assert that it does not raise any funds of the Kazakh nationals for any investment projects. The advertisement being spread is misleading and fraudulent.

We are asking the Kazakh people to be alert and to trust the official sources only.

Please bear in mind that the information on the company’s operations is posted only on the official website and on our pages in the social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.

Press Releases


KazMunayGas Publishes 2021 Sustainable Development Report


JSC NC “KazMunayGas” (KMG) annually publishes a Sustainable Development Report. This document is the company’s message about its progress under the United Nations Global Compact and the Company's progress towards the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals.

This June, KMG's Board of Directors approved the verified 2021 Sustainable Development Report. The report was prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards, the international reporting standards in the field of sustainable development. It has undergone an independent audit process by Ernst&Young audit firm, as well as the Global Reporting Initiative materiality review - GRI Materiality Disclosures Service.

The Sustainable Development Report discloses the key economic, environmental and social indicators, our initiatives in the occupational health and safety, environmental protection, staff development, and engagement with local communities.

The Report keeps special focus on the new strategic directions of KMG’s development for a ten-year period, disclosure of ESG rating, general approaches and measures to reduce the carbon intensity of the Company's operations.

Recognizing the importance of taking into account the interests of the stakeholders, we organize annual feedback on the Report. This practice will help improve the content of the Report, and promote awareness of the issues of sustainable development among Company's staff and other stakeholders.