Tasks of KMG for 2018

KMG’s plans for 2018 include the implementation of the following strategic objectives and initiatives:

Increase in reserves

  • Striving to realize strategic goals, the company will continue to work to increase operational efficiency through the reorganization of business processes and implementation of new technologies. In particular, emphasis will be placed on improving the efficiency of geological and technical measures, increasing the interrepair period, oil refining depth increase, and increase the profitability of oil and gas transportation operations.

Modernization of the Shymkent Refinery

  • In the second half of 2018, completion of modernization of SR is planned, which will allow increasing the processing volume to 6.0 MMtpa and, accordingly, to increase the production of petroleum products.

Privatization of assets

  • KMG will continue to sell non-core and service assets.


  • It is planned to develop a Methodology for calculating the estimated salary for construction of oil and gas facilities in the KMG Group of companies in the order of the state, as a state pricing standard.
  • It is planned to sign collective agreements in MEM LLP, MTK, OTC and OSC.
  • Implementation of programs for the early termination of labor contracts will be continued with the agreement of the parties with employees and on early retirement.

Gas export to China

  • In field of gas transportation and marketing, it is planned to launch compressor stations No.5 and No.7 of the Kazakhstan – China trunk gas pipeline in July and October 2018, the launch of the SCADA system of the Kazakhstan – China trunk gas pipeline in November 2018, start of construction of three compressor stations along the Beineu – Shymkent trunk gas pipeline to increase the capacity of the gas pipeline to 15 bcm of gas.