Ethics and Integrity

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Ethical Behavior

In the basis of our decisions and actions, there are our values such as respect, honesty, openness, team spirit and trust, good faith and justice.

Values, principles, standards and norms of behavior

The Code of Business Ethics of JSC NC “KazMunayGas” is a set of important rules of business conduct of the Company and its employees, ethical norms of internal corporate relations, social responsibility of each employee.

The Code defines corporate values, the adherence to which demonstrates the commitment of KMG and its employees to basic ethical principles that determine business conduct and form the reputation of the Company, its competitiveness and effectiveness.

The Code is an important part of KMG’s corporate governance system; it contributes to the Company’s economic growth in the long term.

The provisions of the Code apply to KMG employees, regardless of their position. KMG employees are required to familiarize themselves with the principles and recommendations of the Code and comply with them.

KMG accepts and follows the provisions of this Code in its relations with KMG shareholders, employees, subsidiaries and affiliates, government bodies, partners, other interested parties, both in making business decisions and in everyday situations.

The Code is an open document and freely distributed to business partners of KMG and any other interested persons.

Norms of employees’ behavior

KMG strives to create a working environment in which there will be no place for manifestation of any forms of harassment on any grounds protected by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Any behavior that creates a frightening offensive atmosphere or hostility in the work environment, and also interferes with the performance of KMG employees, is unacceptable.

Mechanisms for seeking advice on unethical behavior

Inadmissibility of a conflict of interest

Serious violations related to a conflict of interest may damage the Company’s reputation and undermine the credibility of shareholders and other interested parties.

Personal interests of an official or an employee should not affect the impartial performance of their official and functional duties.

In relations with partners, counting on the establishment and preservation of fiduciary relations, under which the parties are obliged to act with respect to each other as honestly, conscientiously, fairly and loyally, take measures to prevent, identify and eliminate a conflict of interests.

Along with the Company’s structural divisions, which are responsible for identifying, preventing and preventing possible violations of business conduct and business ethics (such as human resources management, corporate security, hotline, etc.), KMG also has a corporate Ombudsman for settlement of disputed/conflict situations.

In accordance with the best international practice, including the standards and principles of the International Association of Ombudsmen (IAO), the KMG Ombudsman is accountable to the Board of Directors of KMG and is an independent high-level manager who advises and contacts the employees, participants in labor disputes and conflicts assistance in the development of a mutually beneficial, constructive and realizable solution, taking into account the observance of the norms of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (including necessity), assistance in resolving the problematic social and labor issues of both employees and KMG and the organization, as well as in observing the principles of business ethics of KMG employees and organizations.

When resolving disputes within the Company, the Ombudsman seeks to help the parties to the conflict resolve it through peaceful settlement. For this purpose, the Ombudsman can act as a consultant, negotiator, mediator or conflictologist, while adhering to the principles of objectivity, confidentiality and independence. In the process of conflict resolution, the Ombudsman relies on the principle of equality and fairness, which contributes to improving the moral and psychological climate in the workplace and increasing the motivation and loyalty of employees.

The activities of the Ombudsman allow KMG to also comply with international standards for dealing with conflict resolution (ISO 10003), and work with complaints (ISO 10002) provided by the International Organization for Standardization.

We strive to prevent and prevent any kind of disputes and conflicts in the organizations of the Group. The right of any person to appeal should not be violated. We have developed various mechanisms by which employees, business partners and stakeholders can report any non-compliance with corporate ethics, human rights, labor practices, negative environmental or social impact:

  • Employees – by informing their direct supervisor or superior; or by providing information to the Ombudsman;
  • Employees and others – by phone 78-65-65, or via email of trust: (information can be submitted anonymously).

In addition, within the Unified System of Internal Communications, there are such mechanisms as:

  • Meetings of managers with labor collectives and the trade union;
  • Reception of employees by the First Head for personal matters;
  • Blog of the first leader;
  • Boxes for the collection of offers.

Applications for non-compliance with the Code of Business Ethics are considered with mandatory participation of the Ombudsman on confidential terms.

Whenever any requests are received, the Group’s management is informed. All received complaints and proposals are registered, the management decision on the results of consideration of the appeal is brought to the applicant.