Stakeholders engagement


We are open to meetings, discussions and dialogue. We strive to build longterm cooperation with stakeholders, based on taking into account mutual interests, observance of rights and balance between the interests of the parties.

Our key stakeholders are:

JSC “NC “KazMunayGas” (hereinafter – KMG) carries out a full production cycle from the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, their transportation and processing to the sale of oil and oil products both inside Kazakhstan and abroad, and represents the interests of the state in the oil and gas sector. Due to its complex structure and activities, KMG interacts with a wide range of stakeholders.

Methods of interaction with the Stakeholders include the following:

Interaction level

Interaction methods


bilateral interaction; Stakeholders answer the questions of the Fund and organizations


focus groups;

meetings with stakeholders;

public meetings;


providing feedback through means of communication;

advisory councils


Collective negotiations based on the principles of social partnership


Bilateral or multilateral interaction; building expertise and knowledge from all sides, stakeholders and organizations operate independently

Multilateral forums;

consulting panels;

consensus-building process;

the process of joint decision-making;

focus groups;

feedback schemes


Bilateral or multilateral interaction; joint building of experience and knowledge, decision-making and measures

Joint projects;

joint ventures;


joint initiatives of stakeholders

Delegation of authority:

stakeholders (if applicable) participate in the management

Integration of issues of interaction with stakeholders in management, strategy and operations

Identification of Stakeholders

KMG on an ongoing basis takes measures to establish a dialogue and long-term cooperation and management of relations with the Stakeholders.

In KMG, a Stakeholder Map has been prepared, taking into account risks and ranking, taking into account the dependence (direct or indirect), obligations, situation (paying special attention to high-risk areas), influence, various (various) perspectives.

KMG, in identifying and interacting with stakeholders, applies best practices for stakeholder engagement, including international standards, such as the AA1000SES Stakeholder Engagement Standard.

Key Areas of Interaction

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.


We realize our responsibility to shareholders and investors for the growth of long-term value and sustainable development in the long run.

IR / Investor Relations

Classification of stakeholders:

  • Holders of bonds
  • Investment banks
  • Rating agencies
  • Potential investors of KMG
  • Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC
  • Depositary of financial statements of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Other professional market participants.

Disclosure of information about the activities of KMG occurs in accordance with the applicable requirements of stock exchanges, which are addressed by KMG securities and the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding disclosure of information.

In KMG, there are no procedures and principles for the selection of stakeholders in the investor community. The list of KMG investors is replenished on a regular basis after meetings, conferences, road shows. The list consists of investment banks and KMG bond holders, as well as professional market participants who showed interest in KMG activities. As for the internal structural units, depending on the specifics of the issue, the IR team interacts with the financial and production blocks (upstream, midstream and downstream), as well as directly with SDEs, if necessary.

Maintenance of communications with the investment community is provided through the following IR activities:

  • Quarterly conference calls with investors on the results of the company’s activities for the previous quarter;
  • Road-shows, meetings with investors (investor’s day, analyst’s day, meetings at KMG office);
  • Answers to inquiries about the activities of KMG from interested investors, investment banks / companies, financial analysts, etc. by e-mail ( or by phone
  • Publication of periodic IR materials on financial and production results of KMG – press releases, presentation for investors, brochure on KMG, KMG factsheet, Annual report, etc.

Interaction with investors

April 2017

Road show on the issue of Eurobonds worth USD 2.75 billion

June 2017

Conference call with investors on the results of financial and operational results for 1Q 2017

May 2017

Management meeting with a group of investors in the office of KMG (HSBC, Barclays, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Renaissance Capital)

September 2017

Conference call with investors on the results of financial and operational results for 2Q 2017

November 2017

Road show with investors and bondholders (non-deal road-show) in London

December 2017

Conference call with investors on the results of financial and operational results for 3Q 2017


PR / Public Relations:

Classification of stakeholders:

  • Kazakhstani and foreign media;
  • The general public;
  • Profile structural subdivisions of KMG SDEs and state-owned companies of the RoK.

In compliance with the principles of transparency and openness, the Company interacts with all the republican and regional media, including placing information on the official website of the Company for access to all interested parties, distributing information messages, providing answers to media inquiries, organizing press conferences with an invitation all interested media and so on.

Maintaining communications with the media and the general public is ensured through the following PR activities:

  • Publication of press releases, information messages, articles on the Company’s website and in the media;
  • Providing answers to media inquiries;
  • Conducting forums, production meetings, infosessions, etc. with the invitation of the media
  • Organization of briefings and interviews with the Company’s management.

GR / Government Relations:

  • Classification of stakeholders:
  • Authorized bodies of the RoK.
  • International organizations / Partners.
  • Foreign embassies, agencies.
  • Profile structural subdivisions of KMG SDEs and Samruk-Kazyna JSC.

GR is the only structural unit of KMG, which performs centralized collection and preparation of consolidated information on the general activities of KMG and SDEs. GR subdivision provides execution of requests / requests of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Samruk-Kazyna JSC and the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan by sending a meaningful letter of reply. Based on the foregoing, there are no principles for the selection of interested parties for interaction with government bodies in GR-activities.

GR department mainly interacts with production units, as well as directly with SDEs, if necessary.

Interaction with state bodies is carried out by:

  • sending a meaningful letter of reply to the request of government agencies;
  • assisting KMG structural divisions on initiative issues (proposals concerning the activities of the KMG Group, on issuing permits, regulatory and licensing documents, for participation in joint working groups);
  • preparation and compilation of information on the general activities of KMG for submission to the Administration of the President of the RoK, the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Government of the RoK, Samruk-Kazyna JSC and other state bodies;
  • preparation of information materials for the meetings of the Oil and Gas Council under the President of the RoK, the Interdepartmental Commission for the Development of the Oil and Gas and Energy Industries under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of the RoK;
  • coordination of participation of management and representatives of KMG in events of state significance, in official visits of the Head of State abroad; in intergovernmental events, work of the Intergovernmental Commissions and committees for cooperation with foreign countries, major international events (conferences, forums) in RoK and abroad.

International organizations / Partners, foreign embassies, agencies:

  • Protocol-organizational and information support for meetings and negotiations of the Chairman of the Board of KMG with representatives of foreign states, international organizations and foreign companies.
  • Profile structural subdivisions of KMG SDEs and Samruk-Kazyna JSC.

Key topics in 2017

The following events became significant for KazMunayGas in 2017:

  1. Signing an historic purchase and sale agreement between KazTransGas JSC and PetroChina International Company Limited on the delivery of 5 bcm of Kazakhstani gas. Since October 16 this year KazTransGas began exporting domestic gas to China.
  2. Completion of modernization of Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant. Plans for completion of the reconstruction and modernization of the Atyrau Refinery.
  3. Completion of the first stage of modernization of Shymkent Refinery, which allowed to ensure the quality of automobile fuels in accordance with K4 and K5 emission standards.
  4. Transition to the implementation stage of the transformation program and the launch of the implementation of the new operating model of KMG, according to the new operating model of KMG, departs from the role of a strategic holding company that manages a multitude of subholdings through the boards of directors, and focuses on active operational management of production assets.
  5. Realization of a major asset of JSC “Euro-Asia Air” Airlines”. On November 8, 2017, within the framework of the Comprehensive Privatization Plan for 2016–2020, 100 % of the airline’s shares were sold to KMG in a competitive environment. The buyer, Sky Logistics Service LLP, was defined within the framework of an open two-stage tender. The amount of sales was KZT 11,850 million.
  6. Signing of an agreement on transfer of the share of subsoil use rights in Isatai in the Caspian Sea between KMG and the Italian ENI. According to the contract for combined exploration and production, ENI receives 50 %. The parties also signed an agreement on the basic conditions for the joint implementation of an industrial investment project in Kazakhstan. Both agreements constitute a package deal for the development of both the oil and gas industry and the industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  7. Putting into operation the “Gas drying unit” on the “Bozoi” underground gas storage. The Head of the State gave a start to the work of the new installation on December 6, 2017 (live) during the traditional teleconference dedicated to the Day of Industrialization in the country. The gas drying unit made it possible to transport natural gas taken from the Bozoy gas storage facility through the Bukhara – Ural and Beineu – Bozoi – Shymkent trunk gas pipelines to consumers in the Aktyubinsk Region and southern regions of Kazakhstan, thereby ensuring high-quality, uninterrupted gas supply during the heating season.
  8. NMSC Kazmortransflot LLP in the third quarter completed the construction of two self-propelled barges and two tugs in the framework of participation in the Future Growth Project / Wellhead Pressure Management Project of Tengizchevroil LLP (hereinafter – TCO FGP/WPMP). The vessels will be used by NMSK Kazmortransflot LLP for transportation of modules and wiring of ships in the shipping channel of the Cargo Route in the area of ​​the Port of Prorva, providing a significant contribution of Kazakh companies to the implementation of TCO FGP/WPMP.
  9. Oil production at the Kashagan field. In 2017, the Kashagan field continued to stabilize and increase production levels with the main priority for safety, environmental protection and reliability of equipment. The wells of Islands A, D and EPC-3 are in operation. In mid-2017, two compressors for the re-injection of crude gas were put into operation, which allowed the planned increase in production levels to continue.
  10. Four high-power, high-tech compressor stations on transnational gas pipelines Kazakhstan – China and Beineu – Bozoy – Shymkent were launched in record time. For the first time, the most powerful AGRS-300 in Kazakhstan was launched in Aktobe. The gas distribution station is capable of supplying half of the region with gas.
  11. JSC “KazTransGas” became the most important and technologically most powerful operator of gas flows in Central and Central Asia.
  12. For the first time, the regional center of the Almaty region has been gasified in the city of Taldykorgan and the cities of Kapshagai, Esik, Zharkent and Shelek. Over 30 most remote settlements of Almaty, South-Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Aktobe and Mangistau Regions have been gasified.
  13. The city of Baikonyr is connected to the gas supply system of Kazakhstan.
  14. One of the most significant events of 2017 for the country was the holding of the international exhibition EXPO-2017. The KMG Group of companies acted as one of the main sponsors of the exhibition, and also presented to its visitors its own exposition within the framework of EXPO-2017, providing information on the company’s activity as a vertically integrated national oil and gas operator, on KMG’s contribution to the economy and society of Kazakhstan, general about the prospects for the development of the oil and gas industry in the changing world of new energy.
  15. A new AFFS was put into operation in the city of Aktobe, which is capable of providing all the vehicles of the city with compressed gas (compressed methane).
  16. JSC “KazTransGas” for the first time successfully placed Eurobonds with a maturity of 10 years, with a total value of $ 750 million with listing on the Irish Stock Exchange “ISE” and Kazakhstan Stock Exchange “KASE”. The bids of investors exceeded the offer at times.
  17. For the first time, KazTransGas JSC and the Public Association “Republican Council of Gas Industry Veterans” together with the “Nur Otan” party organized large-scale outreach public receptions in the regions on gasification issues. Solved problematic issues of more than a thousand Kazakhstanis.
  18. One of the longest and most powerful gas pipelines in the world – the main route “Central Asia – Center” celebrated its 50th anniversary.
  19. By agreement of the parties (employer, trade union), the Collective Agreement of Oil Services Company LLP was signed with a term of 3 years.
  20. Completion of construction and putting into commission of production and technical facilities of 400 units of mechanical transport at Kalamkas field.
  21. Acquisition of a production base for 100 vehicles and special equipment at the Kalamkas field.
  22. Acquisition of the shift camp for 200 places at the Kalamkas field.
  23. On March 16, 2017 KMG Drilling & Services LLP has signed the Certificate of delivery and preliminary acceptance of the Self-lifting floating drilling rig “Satti” (hereinafter – SLFDR).