Climate change and air quality

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

The world power supply system is undergoing serious changes over the last decades, due to growth of demand for energy resources from developing countries, where economic growth is observed, in one respect, and due to growing environmental load because of use of fossil fuels. As we try to increase oil and natural gas production in order to meet the growing global energy demand, we pay foremost attention to measures on mitigation of negative impact of our activities on the environment, complying with the requirements of environmental legislation, reasonably using natural resources and constantly improving environmental activities.

Quantitative indicators for greenhouse gas emissions cover 17 subsidiaries of the Group, whose greenhouse gas emissions amount more 20,000 ton of CO2 per year and which are included in the National Allocation Plan of GHG quotas for 2018–2020. Emissions of CO2 because of biomass combustion or its decomposition are not taken into account.

KMG controls the activity of subsidiaries and dependent entities in the area of greenhouse gas emissions and air contaminants, monitors timely receipt of all necessary permits for operations, such as emission permit, GHG quota, gas flaring permit etc. at corporate center level. We develop environmental measures air protection, including inventory of emission sources of pollutants and greenhouse gases, development of project document, organization of industrial environmental control and monitoring, modernization of equipment, leading to reduction of pollutant emissions.

Modernization is carried out at the refineries, which will allow production of high-quality petroleum products, meeting the requirements of emission standards K4 and K5, and reduction of air contaminants from final customer.

It is planned to approve the KMG Corporate Standard for air contaminants management in 2018, where the main principles of operations management on reduction of adverse effect on the atmosphere, will be determined.

We disclosed information on activity of KMG on ensuring of environmental sustainability and carbon equivalent of the KMG Group to stakeholders, which was evaluated by the company’s experts at panel sessions of Future Energy Forum within the EXPO. Hereafter, we are going to report on greenhouse gas emissions under Climate Program CDP.

We continue to work on improvement of activities of production facilities on reduction of impact on atmospheric air. We take active part in improvement of the country’s regulatory legislation, hold meetings of the Working Group on Emissions Management, participate in forums and conferences, related to climate change, improve our knowledge and skills in order to increase our abilities on implementation of strategy on emissions reduction.