Staff development

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Respect for Human Rights

We involve openly and transparently professional candidates from the labor market and develop our employees on the basis of the principle of meritocracy.

We create an effective system of employee motivation and development. Develop corporate culture

KMG places special importance to the development of human capital in the regions of its presence. To achieve the set strategic goals and objectives, KMG provides training and development of personnel on an annual basis and implements new approaches and methods of training and development of employees of the Group of companies KMG.

In order to improve the process of training and development, formation and maintenance of the required level of personnel qualifications, and the effective use of budgetary funds, a new concept of personnel training and development has been implemented in the Group of companies KMG since 2016 “70/20/10 – on job training/internal training/external training”. As part of the introduction of the new training model in 2017, work was continued on the introduction of the institute of internal trainers for the Group of companies KMG. Thus, in-house trainers held 24 seminars, attended by over 650 people.

Moreover, in 2017, in order to exchange and study best practices, acquire professional knowledge and skills, the Concept of the “Success Formula” probation program for the Group of companies KMG was developed, in which 39 employees from 8 companies passed a probation in 6 companies of KMG SDEs in 2017. At the same time, a Memorandum on Cooperation was signed with KazMunayGas EP JSC in the area of probation organization for employees of the Group of companies KMG in 2017.

An agreement was reached with the companies Karachaganak Petroleum Operating LLP, LLP NII TDB, “Professional Geo Solutions” LLP, “Kazakhoil-Aktobe” LLP on sending employees for probation in 2018.

Moreover, development programs for top managers of corporate center KMG and SDEs (СEO-1, СEO-2) “Single Development Program”, as well as for directors and their deputies and participants of the Single Personnel Reserve “Effective leader” were approved by the decision of the KMG Personnel Committee.

In addition to these projects, KMG annually increases the number of trained employees. So, in 2017, KMG trained over 120 thousand people for a total of 5.6 billion KZT, which is on 15 % higher than in the previous year. The increase in number of trained and expenses are associated with launch and implementation of the above programs. Moreover, it should be noted that in 2017, KMG’s subsidiary KMG International NV, Caspian Oil and Gas Company, included in the report for 2016, were not included in the report for the year 2016 due to their absence in the RoK. This year, the company which 50 % or more shares belong to KMG, were included to the code.

14 % are women, 86 % are men among the number of trained workers. At the same time, 15 % of the trained is administrative and management personnel, 85 % is production personnel.

Total number of trained employees by years, thousand people

Total number of trained employees by employees categories, %

Expenses for personnel development, bln KZT

Average annual number of academic hours per one trained employee by employees’ categories, %

Number of employees, who passed education detailed by gender, %













Share of employees, who received compulsory education, was 36.7 %. At the same time, 41.6 % of the trainees received training by working professions, and 5.6 % – training, related to production. 50 % of all expenses were spent on training in these subjects.

The average annual number of academic hours per trained worker is 16.1 hours, including 15.8 hours for one man and 18.3 hours for a woman (33.6 hours in 2016).

It is noted that training and development of employees is carried out regardless of gender and position.

The share of employees, passed training on certification programs, was 0.1 %.

One of priorities of long-term development of KMG is training of personnel reserve, which includes search and identification of young and promising leaders with the purpose of training managers of new format with modern competencies.

Its main principle is purposeful and systematic training of leaders to ensure continuity of management, as well as provision of employees with opportunities for development and career growth in the Group of companies KMG.

Trainings for reservists were conducted with the involvement of the best Kazakh and Russian trainers in 2017 and were aimed at development of personal business competences and professional knowledge. Within the framework of the program “Effective Leader”, approved by the Personnel Committee of KMG, 28 reservists were trained. Total 54 reservists are planned to be trained in this program by 9 subjects.

In addition to training programs, two-diploma EMBA programs have been designed and conducted for reservists. In 2017, 6 reservists successfully completed EMBA program, 9 continue their studies under IIF-RGA program and 18 reservists under IIF-SPTU program.

Within the framework of the probation program, 7 reservists were trained in such companies as General Electric and Rosneft, as well as at the University of Aberdeen, the oil capital of the Europe.

In order to train young qualified personnel for the oil and gas industry and trying to assist KMG in development of human capital in the regions of presence, work on organization of dual training, main principle of which is training at the enterprise – 60 % of the time, and 40 % of the time in college is performed.

So, on the basis of the Pavlodar petrochemical plant in 2017 only 50 students from the Pavlodar Chemical and Mechanical College were trained: 32 fourth-year students and 18 third-year students.

15 students among 32 fourth-year students, passed training in specialty “Technology of oil and gas processing” (hereinafter referred to as TOGP), 17 – in specialty “Maintenance and repair of equipment” (hereinafter – MRE). 27 graduates of PHMK were employed at the plant.

Dual training of students of the Atyrau University of Oil and Gas and High School APEC Petrotechnic LLP in the area of Oil and Gas Fields Exploitation was conducted in the pilot mode at Embamunaygas JSC since 2015. 69 students of the above-mentioned educational institutions have assed a dual training since the launch of the project, and nowadays more 24 students are being trained in dual training.

We conduct a purposeful work on training of young specialists. Agreements were concluded on probation of students with specialized universities of the country (KBTU, KazNTU named after K. Satpaev, Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas, Aktau State University named after Sh. Esenov, KIMEP, ENU named after L. Gumilev, etc.).

List of implemented programmes on education and advanced training of employees

  1. Adaptive programme for new employees
  2. Management skills
  3. Staff management
  4. Internal control and audit. Risks management.
  5. Integrated management systems, standards ISO and OHSAS
  6. Environment, HSE
  7. Kazakhstani content and procurement of goods, services and works
  8. Economic and finances
  9. Legislation
  10. Corporate management. Projects management.
  11. Document support
  12. Information technologies
  13. Language education
  14. Business skills
  15. Education of mediation programme, negotiating process
  16. Production (RD, transportation, gas business, processing and marketing, service projects)
  17. Apprenticeship for a job
  18. Master’s programme
  19. Probation
  20. Participation in conferences, symposiums, forums