Personnel evaluation

The staff assessment procedure is in place in KMG since 2004 and aims to determine the effectiveness of the activities and the promotion of adequate and non-material remuneration.

Procedure is regulated by the Rules for evaluation of KMG’s administrative staff and is based on two types of evaluation: professional development assessment and performance evaluation.

According to the recognized international practice of effective human resources management, this procedure is based on assessment of business and leadership competences of employees, taking into account evaluation of performance during the accounting year.

Performance evaluation is carried out on a quarterly basis, according to purposes of the year, and has specific quantitative results from 1.5 to 0 of the official salary as a quarterly bonus payment.

The evaluation of professional development is conducted annually and pursues the purpose of non-material incentives – evaluation commission can recommend enrolment to personnel reserve, promotion, rotation in the Group of companies KMG, individual training or other opportunities for professional development.

An annual assessment of employees’ activity for 2016 was conducted in 2017, according to which 14 % of the employees of KMG corporate center received a recommendation for enrolment to personnel reserve, 12 % – promotion, and 32 % – review of the official salary.

77 % of all employees were evaluated for the accounting period.

Performance evaluation detailed by gender, %

Performance evaluation detailed by employees’ categories, %