Equal possibilities and our market presence

Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Our approach to staff motivation is based on the principles of ensuring worthy level of labor payment, transparency and respect for employees’ rights. All changes in labor payment system are made taking into account opinions and proposals of the interested parties.

In the companies of the business areas Exploration and Production, the Single System of Labor Payment (SSLP) was introduced, which purpose is assistance to achieve strategic purposes of KMG, by adjustment of payment system, ensuring a single labor payment system in all departments, and strengthening employees’ interest in labor outcomes. This system provides for a number of conditions, when employees are provided with compensation payments, extra charges and additional payments; one of these criteria is the Regional coefficient – an indicator of the relative increase in salary in order to compensate for the additional costs and increased labor costs, related to performance of work in regions with severe climatic conditions. The highest value of this coefficient is in Mangistauskaya and Atyrauskaya oblasts.

The ratio of salary of initial level in the Group to the minimum salary, established by the national legislation for 2017, is in the range from 6:1 to 8:1 (2016-5:1 to 10:1).

The ratio of senior management in regions of presence, employed among the representatives of the local population is 72 % (in 2016 – 89 %).

The ratio of employees in the executive team is 10 % of the total number of employees, including women 19 %, men 81 %.

Share of specialists is 20 % of total number of employees.

Share of workers is 70 % of total number of employees.

Share of leaders detailed by gender, %

Share of leaders by age, %

Share of specialists detailed by gender,%

Share of workers detailed by gender,%

There are no differences in the base salary and in remuneration system depending on gender differences in the Group of companies KMG. The level of salary in the organizations of the Group of companies KMG is associated with position, but not to the employee, i.e. men and women working in the same position receive the same salary and other payments as stipulated by the rules of payment in the organization.

To improve the payment system, we have introduced a new approach to evaluation of number of positions (from the level of the administrative staff of the Corporate Center to the level of top management of subsidiaries), using international methodology in the area of human resources management.

The payroll system for the supreme management body and the management team is focused on performance, motivation, productivity and efficiency, and includes elements of short-term remuneration based on the performance of key performance indicators. In accordance with the best world practices, performance indicators of managers reflect economic, environmental and social objectives of the Group.

Within the framework of the Transformation Program, project on the assessment of the correspondence of senior employees to the occupied positions (Job Matching) was continued. Recommendations were developed for improvement of the paymen system in the Group, based on the results of this project.

Share of specialists by age,%

Share of workers by age,%

History case

KazMunayGaz JSC continues the project in the area of human resources management “Job Matching”. This is a project on assessment of candidates to meeting the requirements of positions with the target functional. The process consists of two parts: approval of target functional and evaluation of candidates. The evaluation of candidates will take place in two stages: the first – the candidates from the Group of companies KMG are considered, the second stage – if there are less than 2 candidates, external candidates are considered. The commissions are formed from the representatives of the management of Samruk-Kazyna and KazMunayGas.

An info session was held in 2017, dedicated to the ongoing program for recruitment in accordance with the requirements to positions. The meeting with the staff was held by the Chairman of the Board Sauat Mynbayev and Vice President on Human Resource Management Serik Abdenov. According to Sauat Mynbayev, the Job Matching project is necessary, and most importantly, timely. The staff of professionals, of those who seek for further development, and acquirement of new skills – is a guarantee of the competitive advantage of any company. Based on the results of the first wave of the project, the competitive selection covered 25 positions of CEO-1, CEO-2 level, on which 63 candidates applied. In the result of the competitive procedures, 17 positions were retained by the current employees, and 8 new employees took up positions. One of them is Dauren Karabaev, executive vice president, financial director: “Prior to KMG, I worked in international company abroad. The Job Matching contest and the process were very similar to the one that exists in international companies. It included several types of tests, on professional knowledge, psychological, critical thinking, language skills, and interviews with board members. There was a detailed and scrupulous approach, a detailed description of the position and tasks. Which, in addition to current activities, also included close interaction with the transformation program on construction of more efficient, simple and economical organization of KMG. Now we are replicating this procedure throughout the organization, with the same open and understandable approach for all participants”.

In addition to 25 CEO-1 and CEO-2 positions in 2017, the Job Matching procedure was conducted for 113 positions, including the positions of the heads of the structural subdivisions of corporate functions, divisions Transportation, Oil refining and marketing, line employees of the Internal Audit Service and management of the subsidiary of the Research Institute “Production and Drilling Technology”.