Health protection

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Management of issues in the area of health protection and work hygiene in KMG and SDEs is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Kazakhstani legislation: the Labor Code, the Health Code, the Sanitary Regulations and Instructions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, International Health protection and Work Hygiene Requirements.

Number of days of incapacity for work due to diseases of employees of SDEs was 224.565 thousand days in 2017, which is on 19.311 thousand days less than in 2016, or 7.9 %. Number of mortality cases, not related to injuries among SDE employees decreased by 15 cases compared to 2017, or by 36.5 %.

Within the framework of the implementation of the Roadmap on improvement of labor and the environment protection in the Group of companies JSC NC “KazMunayGas” – 2020, approved by the decision of the Board on 27.09.2016 (Minutes No. 39), corporate health programs are introduced by the KMG, first of all, related to reduction of workers diseases and mortality, not related to injuries.

Corporate initiative “10 Steps to health Improvement” and internal regulatory document “Regulations for organization of emergency medical care in the Group of companies JSC NC” KazMunayGas”, whose main tasks are establishment of requirements for organization of work on provision of workers with emergency medical care, equipping of medical posts and content of emergency medical response plan.

Following activities were performed for improvement and effective management in the area of health protection and labor hygiene:

  1. functional group of the KMG on health protection and labor hygiene was established for coordination of SDEs specialists; workshop “Certification of Workplaces by working conditions” was held on November 20, 2016, on the basis of MMG, which resulted in a decision, aimed at improvement of the situation;
  2. six audits were conducted in SDEs to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements, industrial and transport security, comprehensive inspections with the participation of members on health protection and labor hygiene to share the experience;
  3. production areas and shops, recreation rooms for workers, household premises, canteens and medical aid points were surveyed, 281 recommendations were issued according to the results of the inspection and revealed deviations from the norms;
  4. action plans for 2017 on improvement of health of identified sick patients on the basis of the final act were developed on the basis of professional examinations of employees in SDE.

Number of days of incapacity for work due to diseases

Number of mortality cases, not related to injuries

It is planned to work on the following priority areas in 2018:

  1. Development and implementation of workplace wellness programs of KMG, including determination of total risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).
  2. Screening among employees of subsidiaries and dependent entities.
  3. Audits in SDEs for control and monitoring of health protection and labour hygiene issues.
  4. Organization of emergency medical care in the Group of companies JSC NC “KazMunayGas”.
  5. Operation of health protection and labour hygiene.
  6. Workshop (training) on labour and health protection of subsidiaries and dependent entities of JSC NC “KMG” concerning Occupational Pathology and Certification of Workplaces by Working Conditions.

In 2017 collective agreements were concluded between the Employer and Trade Unions in main SDEs, where issues of labor protection and health protection were reflected. Measures on safety of working places, as well as social guarantees, benefits and compensations, aimed at the improvement of employees health (financial assistance for treatment, organization of medical care, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, organization of sporting events) are stipulated in collective agreements.

Local trade unions of employees are entitled to organize joint actions with the employer to ensure the requirements of labor protection, prevent occupational injuries and occupational diseases, as well as conduct inspections of conditions and labor protection at workplaces.

In order to ensure safe working conditions at production facilities, Attestation Commissions are established for certification of production facilities by working conditions.

Cases of occupational morbidity are not registered.