Preparation and training by HSE

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Despite the importance of technologies, intended for risks mitigation, no technological innovation can solve the problem of rash decisions. Critical factor is still people. Therefore, ensure the competence of employees is an integral part of development.

Great importance in the Group of companies KMG is paid to training in the area of HSE. Compared to previous accounting periods of 2015/2016, number of employees, who passes training, has increased, as well as the costs for these purposes.

In general, the dynamic growth of indicators indicates that the need for training on HSE issues remains a popular one.

Education in field of HSE

* in the summary data there is no information on KMG EP (except for LLP “JV Kazgermunai”).

Taking into account the specific character of oil and gas sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as mandatory requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, related to compulsory education, training and professional development of personnel, areas of safety and labor protection, industrial and fire safety are more important.

56 thousand employees passed mandatory training during the accounting period, which is 92 % of total number of trained personnel of HSE, in the amount of 490 million KZT.

In total, 61,140 employees of the Group of companies KMG were trained in 2917 for 625 million KZT.

Among the employees of the Group of companies KMG, trained HSE in 2017, the highest level is 1,3 thousand people and the average level is 59,8 thousand people.

In order to improve the process of training and development, formation and maintenance of the required level of personnel qualifications, as well as effective use of budget funds, a training model “70/20/10 – on job training/internal/external training” was introduced in the Group of companies KMG.

Thus, some KMG subsidiaries and dependent entities organize and conduct training on occupational safety and health, industrial and fire safety on the basis of their own Training Combines and centers, employing employees among line managers and highly qualified professionals as lecturers and instructors.

A new approach in training allows not only improvement of skills and knowledge, but also increase initiative of the experienced employees to mentoring, improvement of internal communications, thereby disclosing the potential of young professionals to be the best in their profession.