Legal actions and market regulation


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In 2017, based on the results of the investigation of violations of the antimonopoly legislation, KREMZK Department in Astana executed three protocols on administrative offenses by fuel types, by which “KazMunayGaz Onimderi” LLP is charged with violation of subparagraph 1) of paragraph 1 of Article 170 of the Business Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding “establishment or) maintenance of prices or other conditions for the acquisition or sale of goods”. The above-mentioned protocols were transferred to the Specialized Inter-District Administrative Court of Astana, which issued a decision to prosecute “KazMunayGaz Onimderi” LLP for committing offenses under the Article 159 Part 2 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Administrative Violations and subject to administrative penalty in the form of a fine to the budget of the state. The above-mentioned decisions have not entered into force. Disagreeing with the conclusions of the court, “KazMunayGaz Onimderi” LLP filed appeals against the decisions of the court of first instance. At the time of this report preparation, appeals are in Astana city court under review.