Innovations and operating efficiency development

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

The innovative and technological development of KMG is aimed at development of potential through improvement of the efficiency of production activities, expressed in growth of labor productivity and achievement of target values of the Company’s strategic indicators by main business sectors.

Nowadays most of the developed oil and gas fields of KMG are at mature stage of development. In this regard, work on solution of most relevant issues in liquid hydrocarbon production sector: enhanced oil recovery, production intensification, elimination of complications during underground repair of well, as well as complications during transportation of process fluids.

Scientific Research Instiute “Technologies of Exploration and Production”

Foundation of the company’s scientific and innovation infrastructure is KazMunayGas Research and Development Institute of Production and Drilling Technologies (KMG’s Research Institute) and Scientific and Technical Center of KazTransOil JSC. Research institutes of KMG conduct research and pilot-industrial tests on technologies for increasing of production at mature fields of the Company. Scientific Research Instiute “Technologies of Exploration and Production” (SRI TEP) is flagship of innovative and technological development of KMG projects, its activities are focused on monitoring of geological, geophysical and geological information bases, conducting laboratory research in the field of geology, geophysics and production technology. Also, KMG’s Research Institute is center of competences by problems of oil and gas production, and also forms a supervising system, covering all stages of detailed control over the development of the field, which allows systematizing information on life cycles of the field and ensuring an increase of the efficiency of other developed oil and gas fields of KMG.

In hydrocarbon exploration and production sector, the following tasks are defined:

  1. Increasing the efficiency of geological exploration by attracting new methods and technologies.
  2. Conducting research works to study prospective plots in order to expand territories for geological exploration planning.
  3. Improving management efficiency of exploration and development of deposits system.
  4. Development of its own competence center in the area of drilling and production technologies.
  5. Development of new technologies for intensification of tributaries and enhanced oil recovery from reservoirs.
  6. Increasing the efficiency of development of large oil and gas projects.
  7. Modernization of field equipment.

Nowadays problems of oil pipelines and gas pipelines safety, energy intensity and resource intensity during their operation, timely diagnostics and search for new corrosion-resistant materials, modern methods for cleaning of main pipelines and tanks are important for the company in the oil and gas transportation sector. Prospective areas are projects on production, transportation and marketing of liquefied gas, coal methane, synthetic liquid hydrocarbons, gas chemical products and energy production, using gas.

Following tasks have been identified in oil and gas transportation sector:

  1. Technical re-equipment of production facilities (pipelines, pumping stations, compressor stations, underground gas storage facilities), using modern advanced energy and resource-saving technologies.
  2. Introduction of modern technologies for cleaning of main oil pipelines and tanks.
  3. Increase of researches and introduction of advanced methods and technologies on increase of anticorrosion stability of pipelines.
  4. Study and application of the world experience in the area of innovative technologies for operation and enhancement of safety of main gas pipelines and gas distribution networks.
  5. Conducting researches on improvement of energy efficiency.

Key areas for increase of the Company’s competitiveness and ensure state interests in oil refining and petrochemical sector are development of innovations and technological modernization of its own refining capacities at home and abroad. In the near future, KMG will continue to work on such tasks as: further expansion of range of petrochemical products, improvement of energy efficiency of production processes, development of human resources, involved in operation of modernized production facilities.

Following tasks have been identified in oil refining and petrochemical sector:

  1. Introduction of advanced technologies of hydrotreating, catalytic cracking, alkylation, isomerization, hydrotreatment in the framework of modernization of the Company’s refining capacities.
  2. Production of basic petrochemical products (benzole, paraxylene) with high added value on the basis of Atyrau refinery.
  3. Production of new nomenclature of products.
  4. Conduction of the research on reduction of energy intensity and resource intensity, increase of labor productivity, reduction of technological losses.
  5. Increase the efficiency of operating costs and qualification of production personnel.
  6. Introduction of advanced marketing and technological tools for KMG brand promotion in domestic and foreign markets.

Following tasks have been identified in service sector:

  1. Introduction of advanced technologies and creation of technical base, ensuring effective implementation of oil and gas projects.
  2. Development of international cooperation in the area of innovation and technology transfer in service sector.
  3. Analysis of the world experience and the practices in the development of service and logistics infrastructure.