Digital Oil Field

KMG continued to implement Digital oil field project, launched in 2015, in 2017, on the basis of UAZ field in EmbaMunayGaz JSC in Atyrauskaya oblast, at 14 fields, such as Uzen, Karazhanbas, Akshabulak, and the Prorvinskaya group of fields. Digital oil field is an automated control system for oil and gas industry, which makes it possible to achieve its maximum efficiency by integrating disparate systems into a single integrated information system.

KMG presented a digital oil field project at exhibition of digital technologies, organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of the Republican Digitalization Meeting with the participation of the Head of State in September 2017.

Also, Digital oil field Project won the IX All-Russian contest “Top 10 IT Projects in the Oil and Gas Industry”, established by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, the results of which were solemnly announced on September 14 in Saint Petersburg.

Technology of digital oil oil field supposes installation of equipment, which will take parameters and broadcast them in online mode remotely to the control room, where the operator can quickly make a decision at all stages of oil production. All information is sent to Center for Visualization of Production Processes in Embamunaygas JSC and to the Competence Center of RDI in Astana, where it is also analysed and long-term planning is based on it. Work of underground and ground equipment on the deposit is regulated by control stations; the information is transmitted in current continuous mode. A specially developed and implemented software product processes this information, and transfers it to different levels: from production operator at the field to the national company. Technical development of the field is carried out by Kazakhstan specialists.

Since the beginning of the project, it automated the production of oil and gas, provide additional growth in oil production, reduce the recovery time of the well, increase inter-repair period of wells, and significantly improvement of energy efficiency. Potential economic benefits due to stabilization of total production and energy efficiency are estimated around 30 billion KZT by preliminary calculations.

Development and implementation of modern integrated production management system, includes the following for the analysis and visualization of oil production processes:

  • remote monitoring of oil and gas production facilities;
  • identification of possible risks during construction of wells;
  • real-time analysis and visualization of drilling processes in real time, using specialized software products;
  • conduction of analytical work, implementation of recommendations with subsequent visualization for making decisions on improvement of processes and increasing efficiency during development of digital deposits;
  • visualization of information data and processes on deposits;
  • identification of problems and inconsistencies during monitoring of oil and gas production facilities;
  • analysis of development and operational control of deposits in order to develop recommendations for improvement of work;
  • study and introduction of the experience of foreign scientific and design organizations on improvement of processes in the area of digital deposits.

Innovations in KazTransGas

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

The Scientific and Technical Council of KazTransGas provides collegial discussion of issues in the area of formation and implementation of scientific, technical and innovative activities of the enterprise. In 2017, seven meetings of STC KTG were conducted, where 12 issues were considered and approved, including 6 issues of innovation development. For example:

  • Increase of the efficiency of use of dismantled pipes and quality of overhaul of linear part of the main pipelines: issue on reuse of pipes has been taken into consideration in the result.
  • Protection of gas pipelines, operating in corrosive environments: a decision was made to conduct pilot industrial tests on application of electrochemical protection of the main and distribution gas pipelines in 2018.
  • Discussion of the technology “Production of synthetic hydrocarbons from natural gas”, presented in the Russian pavilion Expo-2017.
  • Estimation of prospects of production and commercialization of coalbed methane in the Sherubainurinsky coal-bearing area of Karagandinskiy basin: 98 % is methane inflow, core analysis data, fuel and energy resources and estimated reserves allow a high assessment of the project’s prospects and the possibility of commercial coalbed methane production. The work on legislative support of activities on exploration and production of coalbed methane has been carried out: measures on regulation of exploration and production activities of coalbed methane, and the possibilities for financing geological exploration works. In order to develop projects on coalbed methane, negotiations on joint cooperation with the companies SNK Guanghei and Datang, ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Samruk-Kazyna Invest JSC are carried out.

Ceremony of Expo presentation

Opening exposition at the official ceremony with the participation of the top management of the KazMunayGas group, Sauat Mynbayev noted that the oil and gas, in which production KazMunayGas is engaged, play an important role in the economic development of Kazakhstan. Traditional energy carriers will remain the main component of its growth for a long time. This imposes a special responsibility on KMG. “We understand that on our actions depends, in what will live future generations of people. The issues of sustainable development, innovative approaches to development of deposits, modern solutions of problems on energy saving and energy efficiency, environmental safety come to the forefront” – he noted.

“We tried to make our exposition interesting for a wide range of visitors of the exhibition, equipped it with a modern cinema hall, interactive displays, presented samples of equipment for production of alternative types of energy, which – just imagine – we are also engaged in,” – said the Chairman of the Board of KazMunayGas in his speech.

Expo technologies/Innovation technologies application

After completion of Expo-2017, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan created an expert working group on the evaluation of new technologies, presented in international pavilions, concerning possibility of their usage at enterprises of Kazakhstani energy companies, including representatives of KMG Group of companies. In the result of this work, a number of innovative technologies, presented in international pavilions of the exhibition, were selected in a number of enterprises of KazMunayGas group, such as KazTransOil, KazTransGas, Mangistaumunaygas, and Urikhtau Operating. In particular, the organizations confirmed the possibility of usage of such technologies as intelligent heat supply systems, ball valves for pipelines, graphite lamps, wind-resistant solar concentrators, solar heating and cooling systems for domestic production facilities, equipped with wind generators and photovoltaic panels, and mobile solar power plants. According to the results of estimate, a number of projects were selected for implementation at the enterprises of KMG Group of companies. Nowadays, work on the consideration of the possibility of using of turbo-expanders at the facilities of JSC “KazTransGas”, mobile wastewater treatment complexes and complex of treatment facilities “Velkinmyaki” in JSC “Mangistaumunaygas”, energy-saving installation “Turbosfera”, gas turbine and control valve of the company “General Electric” in JSC “Embamunaygas “.

In general, according to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, oil and gas companies have been selected more than 25 different innovative technologies.