Exposition of KazMunayGas “Our way”

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

Development of our civilization means an increasing demand for energy. The wheels of the economy depend on oil and gas, allowing them to spin – ensuring the supply of energy provides an opportunity for growth. Oil and gas are the energy and memory of the past of our planet. Energy, which people extracted from the depths of the earth, represented by large system organization. This energy, due to intellectual and technological potential, has become an integral part of every person’s life. And no matter how we are strive for a green future, just oil and gas that have become the most important aspect of the technological progress of modern times. Oil is not only the raw material for the fuel of our cars, but also it is a component for the production of plastic and polyethylene, pharmaceutical products, automotive industry, pesticides, adhesives, detergents, dye pigments and lubricants, and much more. Allowing mankind to move at the same speeds as now, oil still has huge unexplored horizons of prospects for use. Gas is the most environmentally friendly type of hydrocarbons and the best bridge in transition from the century of hydrocarbons to the age of renewable energy. Useful hydrocarbon minerals, being a limited resource on the planet, are the most valuable impetus to the development of the mankind.

Recognizing responsibility for changes, taking place in the world, its impact on the society, economy of Kazakhstan and the environment, national oil and gas operator KazMunayGaz implements and introduces the best practices in the area of sustainable development. In order to make this development more sustainable, the mankind shall learn to reasonable usages of the riches of nature and to take care of its ability to recover and prosper. Responsible management put a special emphasis on attitudes to safety of people, placing the highest demands on workers at all levels. Care of the environment is continuously practiced, which is a limited resource, requiring special respect and care. “Our Way” exposition shows our commitment and leadership to all the best undertakings of the Expo in covering of the achievements of the mankind in the area of Energy of the Future.

Group of companies KazMunayGas acted as one of the main strategic sponsors at the international specialized exhibition Astana Expo-2017, and also presented its exposition “Our Way”. KazMunayGas, being complete vertically integrated Oil and Gas Company, represents an amazing network of large-scale technological infrastructure; this is the national asset of Kazakhstan. Exposition “Our Way” acquainted visitors with the life cycle of oil and gas – from its exploration to refueling gasoline in tank of cars, from its history to values ​​and sustainable development. Oil and gas are main energy raw materials of people of Kazakhstan. Subject of the exposition also presented innovative technologies of renewable sources – solar, wind and geothermal energy, which are developed in “Kazakh-British University of Technology” JSC, which is a subsidiary of KazMunayGas. The exposition included three conceptual thematic zones: past, present and future.

The “Achievements” zone presented interesting information about the scale of the giant oil and gas industry, the history and heritage of the oil and gas industry. The interactive materials depicted the entire production cycle with interesting facts.

* Indicators are up-to-date as of 2016.